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Kay Bojesen Denmark

Kay Bojesen Denmark - Singing Birds

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Kay Bojesen Denmark - Singing Bird Sunshine ( 118328)
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Details hand-painted
Material beech wood
Color Multicoloured
Dimensions Height: 15.1 cm, Depth: 7 cm, Length: 15.8 cm
Weight 400 g (without packaging)
Item no. 118328
EAN 5709513394051

The singing birds by Kay Bojesen are part of the legendary “wooden creatures” collection, which made the designer world-famous. The wooden birds possess a pure, reduced expression and thereby still bribe with character. Already in the 1950es the singing birds were designed by Kay Bojesen, however, they were never produced as a series. Kay Bojesen Denmark took the singing birds now and finally made them available to design friends of the whole world. The Danish manufacturer Rosendahl Design Group manufactures the Kay Bojesen wooden animals in tight cooperation with his family out of high quality oak wood and walnut that wins charm with passing years.

Form and object, seriousness and game melt to a unity in Kay Bojesen’s simple designs. At the same time, Bojesen’s figures have the unique skill of vitalizing wood, converting Bojesen’s work into a world-famous design icon. The singing birds possess strong personality and are full of life, despite of their simplicity: curious and observing their surrounding with protective eyes.

Amazingly, the birds have completely different characters because of their colours. They make up a unique and fantasy-full atmosphere image. Full of soul, humor and handicraft they are not only suitable for children: also in shelves and offices, the wooden creatures by Kay Bojesen are meanwhile desired collector’s pieces.

More details:

The singing birds’ family by Kay Bojesen wears a very special family-secret: The single birds are representatives of the different generations of the family of the designer Kay Bojesen – from the grandchildren to the grandparents.

- Kay: Singing bird Kay is named after the creator himself: Kay Bojesen. As fan of blue clothes, shirts or cravats, the feathers of the image of the designer are naturally kept in a friendly blue tone.
- Peter: Singing bird Peter is an elegant, modern gentleman – as well as Kay Bojesen’s oldest of four grandchildren. As it should be for classic gentlemen, this one wears black clothes / feathers.
- Ruth: Ruth is the feathered equivalent of Kay Bojesen’s Swedish daughter-in-law. According to her friendly appearance and hearty charm, Ruth appears in a happy, feminine pink.
- Otto: Otto is named after the son of Kay and Erna Bojesen and their complete proud. Accordingly he appears with exceptionally special feathers to court his beloved Ruth.
- Pop: Not a family member, but expression of Kay Bojesen’s love to Soda Pop, the singing bird “Pop”. In memory of the orange drink, that children like to drink by a straw-pipe, also the Pop bird is painted colourfully.
- Sunshine: The singing bird Sunshine represents one of the five initial colour-combinations that Bojesen created. Sunshine as sensual image for the sun stands for the perfect start of a day, accompanied by sunshine and singing birds. The full green stands in this context for the hope of a soon spring.

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