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Kay Bojesen Denmark

Kay Bojesen Denmark - Wooden Monkey

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Kay Bojesen Denmark - Wooden Monkey, small ( 100101)
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Sonstige Warnhinweise collectible, only for persons at least 14 years of age
Material limba wood, teak wood
Farbe brown
Abmessungen Höhe: 26.5 cm, Länge: 7.5 cm
Gewicht 242 g (ohne Verpackung)
Artikelnr. 100101
EAN 5709513142508
Zubehör Kay Bojesen Denmark - Repair set for Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey

The wooden monkey by Kay Bojesen with its sweet face and the clear body transforms children’s rooms in rainforests since 1951, encouraging fantastic dreams. The exceptional high quality wood processing of the small monkey from Kay Bojesen Denmark delights during generations of time.

The wooden monkey is part of a collection of wooden animals that have been designed by Kay Bojesen between 1935 and 1957. The Danish company Rosendahl Design Group manufactures the wooden animals in tight cooperation with Kay Bojesen’s family today.

The Kay Bojesen wooden monkey already served as nature pet in TV shows and also received a permanent seat in quiz-shows as a prize. The small cheeky ape even became the embodiment of Danish design in the year 2008, according to the design-bible Wallpaper. The monkey took its place in the unique border-area between fantasy figure and design object, together with the other wooden animals by Kay Bojesen. Full of soul, humor, and handicraft and with a piece of cleverness – and with it a call to the playful kid in everyone of us.

Wooden monkey: fantasy figure and design object

But the wooden animals by Kay Bojesen are not only desired in children’s room, but also in shelves and offices as collector’s pieces that are offered from generation to generation. That is why the animals are perfectly adapted to be offered, everywhere life and games exist: baptisms, birthdays, confirmations, high school degrees, marriages, anniversaries…

Bojesen himself honored the mantra during his whole life: good design has to be human, warm and vivid: ”They should remind us of a circus”, is what he used to say about his works, from what his animals count to the most beloved ones.

Kay Bojesen counts to the greatest Danish functionalists with his user-friendly and modern shaping. In his naïve designs, form and object, seriousness and game melt together. At the same time Bojesen possessed the unique power of waking wood to life, converting his work into international design icons.


360°-view: Kay Bojesen Denmark - Wooden Monkey

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A famous design monkey

5 of 5 stars 2011-05-05, , Kay Bojesen Denmark - Wooden Monkey, small
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I'm wishing to have this little monkey in my hands. I've seen it so many times in magazines, books and on the web... I couldn't stand another day without having it. My children too.

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