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Chroma Type 301 knives are test winners

Article from 2011-04-18

The largest nordic test institute, the Swedish „Test Fakta“ (facts test), has tested kitchen knives in its March edition from 2011. The clear test winners were the knives Chroma Type 301 with 4.4 from 5 possible points. Nine of the Scandinavian most important cooking knives were tested as a total.

In important disciplines, like sharpness, cutting performance and likelihood of rusting, the Chroma Type 301 knives entered the “Best in Test” books. The Type 301 has so far been the only one that achieved the bridging between high rust resistance and simple sharpening. In the justification of the test winner it was said, summarizing that the Chroma Type 301 knife “is sharp, but stays sharp for a long time and is easy to re-sharp”.

Find more information about the test of the magazine “Test Fakta” on (German site).

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