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Valentine’s Day – the lovers‘ day…

If Valentine’s Day is to come, spring is also near. Butterflies in our bellies already start to move in February: Lovers show how much they care about each other on the 14th of February with kisses, flowers and other love proves.

Something loads of them don’t know is that jewelleries and flower shops weren’t the inventors of this day. Valentine’s Day really comes from the middle age England, where lovers found each other in the 15th century. At that time people already offered gifts as small love proves.

The day of lovers is celebrated everywhere today: In Europe and America couples make presents, according to the classic Valentine’s Day. In South Africa people celebrate publicly, in Japan women even offer some presents to their bosses. The custom of placing locks ar bridges comes from Italy. And the Finnish celebrate the “friendship day” then, where appreciated people get small gifts. What unifies all countries is that beloved people are shown how important they are by means of small presents.

It mustn’t be flowers every time… Creative Valentine’s Day gifts

That’s the reason why it mustn’t always be flowers – we show the most pretty love gifts in here. As creative Valentine’s Day gift with surprising effects and as classic and romantic gifts, always with a lot of heart and love. Find a creative gift for Valentine’s Day – and buy it fast, safe and affordable in the design shop. Let yourself be inspired by our gift ideas!

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