8pandas - Series 1 Dishes-Set

The 8pandas dishes make it possible to enjoy meals stylishly and to save the environment at the same time. Since the 8pandas Series 1 dishes sets are made of 100 percent bamboo, which is one of the fastest re-growing raw materials of the world.

8pandas offers a selection of plates, cups and services which are available in different colours with the Series 1 dishes sets. The really specialty is the production process: bamboo is milled to a fine powder and afterwards it is heated and brought into the designed shape. And thereby the bamboo made dishes are all unique. Since the natural grained curves in the raw material make plates and cups different, making them unique as well.

The exceptionally simple and still unmistakable design ensured some renowned awards to the Series 1 by Helge Pino Ulrich: among them the Red Dot, Interior Innovation Award, Design plus and the German Design Award.