acousticpearls - Connox Edition

The acoustic panels of the Connox Edition #1 by acousticpearls are characterised by subtle colours with a small colour accent in stripe design. The panels are square shaped and have the dimensions of 120 x 120cm.

Acoustic Panels with Best Sound Absorption

With its products, acousticpearls is devoted to one of our time's biggest stress factors: noise. The company manufactures high-quality acoustic panels, which effectively absorb sound and thus significantly reduce the reverberation time in the room. A combination of superior materials and careful processing enables best sound shielding characteristics of the acoustic panels - which are officially verified by the label with the highest sound absorption coefficient in the class A. The panels consist of a highly effective shock-resistant acoustic core made of special synthetic resin-bonded mineral fibre with a circumferential, non-visible frame and therefore provide excellent broadband absorbing quality. They work in a very large spectrum and can effectively reduce almost the entire frequency range of the human voice.

Exclusive for Connox

Now acousticpearls designed a whole collection especially for Connox - it resulted in a unique combination of design and functionality. Three different editions with different colour schemes make sure that the right panel is available for each room.