Artori Design
Artori Design

Artori Design

Artori Design is an Israeli design studio that specializes in the design of humorous and unusual home accessories.


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Design Objects that Put a Smile on Your Face

Artori Design was founded by the Israeli designer Ori Niv and has its office in Tel Aviv. Artori Design creates products for the daily use that are beautiful, aesthetic, well thought-out and humorous.

The design objects by Arotri Design are supposed to attract users, who want to make their living and working environment more pleasant and easier with new thought through everyday objects. Refined details and a touch of humor play a large role and the intuitive understanding of good design, which is of cross-national and cross-cultural nature. Products that put a smile on the face of a wide variety of people around the world and that facilitate the daily life: these are the objectives of Artori design.

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