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The Fantasticpaper collection by Authentics is a series of notebooks made of the finest Munken and Sirio papers. Many combinations make Fantasticpaper perfectly suitable for all of those that are looking for something special.


The Fabtasticpaper collection is available in two versions: Prêt-à-Porter and Couture. The “Prêt-à-Porter” variants have covers of two colours, while the “Couture” variants are a little more special: Their cover is monochromatic, but with a shiny coloured loop.

Environmentally friendly and with the best quality

Much more details are responsible for the nobles of this notebooks collection: The Swiss binding with the book’s block welted in the back by means of a fibre strip, which improves the opening of notebooks contrasting others. The pocket also holds single notices in one place of the Fantasticpaper notebook and the flexible cover can be cleaned with a humid cloth. The practicability is completed with a foldable bookmark.

There is only one more thing to do: Understand the numbers. The first number in the name of each Fantasticpaper product represents the size of the notebook. 1 for small (107 x 150 mm), 2 for medium (142 x 210 mm) and 3 for big (200 x 275 mm). The second number represents the interior pattern: 1 for ruled, 2 for squared and 4 for plain. A big plain notebook for example, has the numbers code 34.

If this test is passed, you will only have to decide for the right colour – individuality is granted. The Fantasticpaper collection catches the present and designs the future.

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