Authentics Kuvert Bags

The bags collection Kuvert by the designer Stefan Diez goes new ways. It keeps its inserts without a single pinprick.

The high quality polyester, which is coated with red soft-plastic, is re-welded and re-stamped now. This is how the flat, cover-like form with the characteristic red edges emerges.

Kuvert is robust, humidity-resistant and extremely weightless.

Clip bags, folding bags, net bags, traveling bags and shoulder bags from the Kuvert bags collection are available.

The culture bag (Folding Bag) possesses three elements to unfold and hang. The Kuvert net bag small, and medium are ideal for cosmetic articles, passes and flight tickets, writing utensils or other small accessories that want to be carried undamaged. The waterproof Kuvert shoulder bag with shoulder strap does perfectly adapt itself to your proportions and it is ultra-weightless! The cool overlapping closure protects from rain. The shoulder bags are available in three different sizes:

  • Shoulder bag 1 (handbag size)
  • Shoulder bag 2 (for newspapers and magazines)
  • Shoulder bag 3 (for notebooks)

By the way: because of the bend of the overlapping closure, it is nearby impossible for thieves to get inside of your bag without being caught.