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Depot4Design Urban Garden

Discover Urban Garden

Plants do not only set green accents, but they also improve the ambience of every room. That is why they are indispensable in homes and offices today. Depot4Design designed a „room greening“ system together with the designer Patrick Nadeau to offer the real „garden feeling“ to city apartments and offices with a minimal maintenance expense at the same time: Urban Garden: a new way of planting plants.

Plants are not only an important part of our furnishing: the more “green” we see in our daily life, the better we feel. Plants in offices and living rooms are the most natural “air filters” and a furnishing element at the same time: they can serve as room dividers or eye catchers and set “green” accents. They have a positive influence on room temperatures and keep the air humidity optimally at every season. A disadvantage: plants have to be cared and they do not fit in every room.

A portable piece of nature
Unhappy with the available alternatives of the “room greening”, the multiple awarded French designer and architect Patrick Nadeau designed a completely new, textile planting system for Depot4Design. The result: Urban garden. It connects the advantages of hydro culture with common soil planting. The flexible bags and sacks out of coated textile fabric are robust and functional, easy caring and guarantee long-term watering for all common plants with an equally surprising new design. Patrick Nadeau again proves how plants can be integrated into contemporaneous interiors through innovative ideas, for example with his installation Nature Individielle 2008. For this, he experimented again and again with different materials and shows how it is possible to combine plants with inorganic materials on an exciting way, still harmonizing.

Easy caring long-term watering
The bags ads sacks from Urban Garden consist of a robust, fabric exterior skin and a waterproof interior sack with an integrated drainage fleece. The interior sack is filled with granulate clay. The fleece compartment adopts the plant with together with the soil. The planted interior sack in inserted in the fabric cover. This makes Urban Garden adapted for all indoor plants like kitchen herbs, flowers and room plants – also those that have already stood in common soil. The main advantage of this kind of long-term watering: the carrying process of the plants is comfortable and cleaner. The granulate clay saves water while the drainage fleece avoids accumulating humidity. A water-level display is in every plant bad and each plant sack. Urban Garden furthermore doesn’t need coasters of covering pots, and through the welded interior and exterior sacks, water won’t expire.

Flexible fixing
The textile plant containers are practical, easy to care and open a complete spectrum of new possibilities for the room-furnishing with plants. With a velcro closure at the carrying straps. The plant bags can be mounted at wall and ceiling hangers from Urban Garden as well as at rods, hooks, eyelets, bars or balustrades. Up to five plant bags can thereby be hanged under another and for example form a room divider. The furnishing playground is enlarged with especially for Urban Garden developed wall and ceiling hangers sets.