Belux is a lamp manufacturer from Switzerland. Together the Cloud Lamps look like a white, fluffy cloud, floating in the room. Available in the Connox shop.


Belux, the internationally recognised manufacturer of high-quality designer lights from Switzerland, has again and again celebrated great success with innovate lights during the last 30 years.

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Belux - Round Base for Lifto and Liftolino Table Lamps Belux - Round base black for Lifto and Liftolino Table Lamps €88.00 *Belux Updown Pendant Light Belux - Updown pendant light, adjustable wings, 36W ON/OFF €660.50 *Belux - Babycloud LED Table Lamp Belux - Babycloud LED table lamp, warm white €304.00 *Belux - Cloud Pendant Lamp Belux - Cloud, 7 elements (on/off), cable length: 2 m €530.00 *Belux - Ypsilon LED Floor Lamp Belux - Ypsilon LED floor lamp, anodised natural aluminium €1,173.00 *Belux - Illuminant T8 for ONE BY ONE Floor Lamp -26% Belux - Illuminant T8 for One by One Floor Lamp RRP €8.50 €6.30 *Belux - U-Turn LED Table Lamp Belux - U-Turn 40 LED table lamp, black €570.00 *Belux - U-Turn Clip-on Lamp Belux - U-Turn clip-on lamp, LED, black €363.00 * 5 von 5Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp Belux - U-Turn floor and reading Lamp, LED dimmable, black €1,232.00 *Belux - Liftolino Table Lamp Belux - Liftolino LED table lamp, dimmable, chrome €573.00 *Belux - One By One Floor Lamp Belux - One By One-01 floor lamp, dimmable €1,666.00 *Belux - Cloud Pendant Lamp Belux - Cloud LED, 5 elements, Ø48 cm, dimmable €755.00 *Belux - Cloud Pendant Lamp Belux - Cloud LED, 7 elements, Ø52 cm, dimmable €839.00 *Belux - Cloud Pendant Lamp Belux - Cloud LED, 10 elements, Ø60 cm, dimmable €958.00 *Belux - Arba Floor Lamp Belux - Arba floor lamp, on/off €1,176.00 *Belux - Arba Floor Lamp Belux - Arba floor lamp, dimmable €1,310.00 *Belux - Koi Pendant Lamp Belux - Koi Neo Pendant Lamp, LED 1 m, Ø 40 cm, dimmable DALI, chrome €1,553.00 *Belux - Koi Pendant Lamp Belux - Koi Neo Pendant Lamp, LED 0.5 m, Ø 40 cm, dimmable DALI, chrome €1,439.00 *

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The Swiss company Belux was launched in 1970 by Thomas Egloff. His drive for continuous development of innovative light solutions and novel lighting concepts led to close collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects. Belux was ready from the start to take the risks associated with experimental innovations. The collaboration with the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein was groundbreaking, he has long since been a luminary in interior design.

A great breakthrough took place in 1982 with the joint development of the Metro, the first low-voltage track lamp system worldwide. The tensioned wires with small lights were soon to be seen in innumerable private houses, restaurants and hotels and had many imitators. Belux took over the licence to produce extravagant furniture and objects from the respected Italian design group Memphis um Ettore Sottsass and Michele de Licence in the same year.

The Belux Edition “Privates Licht” a touring exhibition of experimental light designs by among others Michele de Lucchi, Danny Lane, Matteo and Ron Arad in 1992 found regard worldwide. Belux introduced the variable lamp “Updown” an ingenious design by Reto Schöpfer, to the market in 1996, establishing the energy-saving fluorescent lamp in private living rooms too. “Metre by Metre” with its light which can be adjusted to suit individual needs also set new standards.

Belex with authorities such as Frank Gehry, Herzog & De Meuron, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec as well as Hella Jongerius is creating a stir today. Yet, Belux as before, in the office and at home stands for formal, mature, technically thought-through and durable quality products and arouses attention with the introduction of new materials and technologies.

Thomas Egloff has, for over 30 years, built up the company to an internationally recognised producer of high-quality designer lamps. He regulated the company succession in 2001 with the ideal partner: Vitra. This not only ensured the continued existence of the successful company culture but this internationally well-known furniture manufacture also opened up access to new markets, production methods and not least to a network of some of the most important designers of our time.

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