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Kai PetermannName: Kai Petermann
Age: 34
Profession: Internet design knower.

Online since
March 2009

Connox interviewed Stilsucht

What characterizes your blog? What are your themes and where are the specialties?

I see Stilsucht as a great images book for people that like pretty things. The focus is design, but often also lifestyle products and gadgets. I do consciously write in German language, nothing usual for design blogs. There are a lot of Englosh design blogs, and I believe one can treat this as good in German. Moreover I continuously research finding new designers that are not already on 427 other sites.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to call with it?

The blog is directed to everyone that is delighted by good design and that searches secret tips, they will find a whole lot of them in Stilsucht.

There are uncountable novelties of designers, brands, new products etc. daily. How and with which criteria do you choose the topics for your Blog regarding the wide pool of information?

I decide all this according to my personal taste, always. If I am not convinced, I won’t write about it. There are no negative articles about products, because I cannot, and will not talt negatively about somebody in public.

What are your sources for new topics? Do you search for yourself, or do people contact you?

This changes every time. Most of the themes I search for myself. Of course I am bombarded with pictures from PR-Agents. But I choose strictly and concentrate on things that convince me. However, I would be glad if more designers came to me. Especially graduation-works of design schools are often really good but they usually do not get a greater stage than the diploma exposition.

Do you read other Blogs about design? What Blogs do you think are especially succeeded regarding content and appeal?

I like to read other design blogs. However, I have hardly time for it. Clemens von ignant has created a really pretty blog after his redesign, also if his art themes are not really in my interests’ area. Jean Aw with her notcot imperia has impressing themes versatility and I am a bit jealous sometimes, how difficult it is in Germany to live from good internet pages.

Meanwhile there are very much, pretty blogs and one day I hope to have more time to look through them all.

Is the Blog your hobby or do you even operate it as your main job? If not: Are you in contact with the design universe in your job, and how do you connect both things?

Stilsucht is my completely private digital playground. I have little contact with the wonderful world of good design in my job. My personal passion for this theme accompanies me through my everyday since many years.

If you found an interesting topic you will have to process it, write an article and include pictures. How much time do you approximately invest in your Blog a day? Do you limit yourself according to the attitude: “not more than X posts a day”?

Including researching time for good themes, the articles writing and the work with all E-Mails and phone calls, more than 2 hours a day I spend on the blog. I public a minimum of one new article every day, I could theoretically also public up to 6 articles. Therefore I should renounce my complete leisure time, since Stilsucht is not enough o live. To tell the truth, I prefer a bit of free time.

What fascinates you about living design and design generally?

The possibilities, ideas and innovation – just the things that make up good design. I am a really visual human and happy about watching pretty things. Furthermore, quality is very important to me, since I possess and use most of the things in my life for many years.

If one deals as much with design as you do, surely there are developing sympathies. Is there a design brand that you especially like and can you explain why?

I like classic brands such as Vitra or Flos as well as the small design studios in backyards. Personally I like products that are reduced to the essence and that are not made something special only because of their decoration. Whether it is a switch or cable at a lamp, a special mechanism at a shelf or the material decision at a sideboard. Just these possibilities of combining the most different things its what makes objects exciting, much more than a single brand.

Have you got a favorite designer? What do you like about him / her, or his / her designs?

I am a real big fan of Charles and Ray Eames. I do simply like their timeless design. Somehow I will also find a suitable place in my flat to finally possess the Vitra rocking chair.

What products delighted you lately or remained as a lasting impression?

I favor young designers and there are plenty of them, that impress my a lot. For example Mariusz Malecki, the head behind Studio Ziben, he is really innovative and aesthetical working with his recycling design.
The Letters Stool from Sascha Grewe is a deservedly internationally celebrated small piece of furniture. Love for details and the apparently infinite possibilities of design are extremely impressive.
And the wonderful different design worlds from Rui Alves are, as I believe, worth a second and third glimpse.
Especially through internet, there is the possibility of knowing new, often crazy designers on international levels.

Which do you also have at home? What product characteristics convince you as private person and not as blogger?

Generally I have to be convinced by products as a private person. Then I write an article. I decide fast whether I am delighted or not. This is firstly done by the whole impress and can be reinforced by details.
There are many different things in my home, things that were also seen in Stilsucht. I like to sit on my Sports Horse from “Zur schönen Linde”, I light the living room in the evening with Philippe Starck’s “Rosy Angelis” and make my coffee with the Nespresso Machine.