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Connox interviews Julia of philuko:

What awaits the philuko readers? What are your topics and their specialties?

I love to live – therefore the main topic of my blog is living. Moreover I am interested in DiY, arts, design and photography – these topics are also “threatened”. The blog isn’t limited to design and furnishing. It might happen that a nice receipt or a little holiday report appears in-between. Summarizing: My blog displays pieces of my life. The images are authentic and all of them mine – most of the pictures emerge spontaneously, without precious arrangements – this might be the special something of my blog.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach with philuko?

My blog is addressed to people that are as delighted by design and self-made furnishing as I am. There seem to be loads of people like that. I often get positive feedback by my readers, this is great and encourages my work. Many of them still know me from my time at SoLebIch and are similarly “living-crazy” as I am.

What are your sources for new topics? Do you search them for yourself or do people even write to you?

Initially I wrote about furniture that moved into our house and now I write about our current projects, about arts and design. Later on came “Homestories”. Therefore I contact people via internet and ask them if they might let me be a “guest” at theirs… I recently received more and more demands from companies that ask me if I am interested in testing some products and writing about them. But I am only willing to do that if I like the product I am writing about, so as to defend what I am convinced of. It was nice that recently asked if I wanted to present my favourite design address in Karlsruhe at the “CityBlogger” project. Of course I said yes! The internet really makes great connections. Therefore I love to blog!

You just said that you also read many other blogs. What blog is your personal favourite?

Since I am a curious person, I am very interested in living blogs, where I get a glimpse on foreign rooms. I like to see how other people live.

Is philuko a Hobby of yours or is it even your main profession?

It is not my main profession. I don’t earn any money for my blog! It is rather a hobby, but I also use my blog to show new things of my online shop and new projects every now and then. I try to keep a balanced mixture and connect private life and profession.

If you find an interesting topic, you will have to work it, write an article and fulfill it with images. How much time do you invest in your blog a day? Do you limit yourself saying “not more than X posts a day”?

Well, initially I thought I must publish at least one post every day. I kept on this idea for long. I am much more relaxed today, since it is difficult to keep on this frequency. Just because to blog takes a whole lot of time, I blog less today and am more concentrated on projects or spend more time with my family letting the blog alone two or three days. I think and hope, my readers remind faithful.

What fascinates you at living design, furnishing and design in general?

This I knew very soon. I designed fictive furniture catalogues when I was younger and received my first 7 from Arne Jacobsen when I was 17. That was when a huge chairs collection passion began, which is still running today. Where this passion comes from? It might be that I was embossed by my uncle who is architect and whose furnishing fascinated me ever since (especially the huge Utensilio, which was filled with colours and pens and which was really attractive to me then; such an Utensilio hangs in our corridor today). And my parents are also a huge inspiration source, since they lived really modernly. To furnish is simply important to me. I find it impressive how one can reach a lot by only changing small things: change cushions, place a colourful rug, hang new pictures at the wall and soon a romm will seem different! It isn’t hard to live prettily – and it is really not expensive. I am delighted by selecting new pieces of furniture to make my home enjoyable. I made it my rule to let one thing go, when a new one comes in. If not it would be too much!

If one is as occupied as much with design as you are, there are surely some personal sympathies. Is there a brand or a style you like especially much?

I don’t know if there is THE ONE style. We had a photograph as guest in our house once. When he entered the living room he said “oh, it’s colourful in here!” This is a right description. It is very colourful indeed at our home – ancient and new, graphic and pattern design, synthetics and wood. One should not abuse colours… but I think the mixture is what makes a furnishing interesting. There is life at our home. Our style is “uncomplicated” – this is how I would call it anyway.

Have you got a favourite designer? What do you like at him / her or the creations?

From the start, the greatest for me was and will be Arne Jacobsen. After him there come Charles and Ray Eames. Furthermore I like the designs by the Bouroullec brothers and the work of Patricia Urquiola. And I love design by Scholten & Baijings.

What products delighted you recently?

The „Letters Stool A-Z“ by Sascha Grewe (artcanbreakyourheart), I found them on Stilsucht and instantly fell in love with them – two of them actually are already here, near me. Also the table-foot-system “Tick” by Jakob Schenk delighted me – so simple and useful and beautiful at the same time!

Since you blog a lot about furnishing, one might think that you also focus a lot on design when it comes to furnish your own home?! Please share a little glimpse with us: what products are in your home and what fascinates you from a product as private person, not as a blogger?

As I already said, there are many different chairs at ours: specimen by Eames, Panton, Bertoia, Jacobsen but also antique chairs and loose ones or some of the yard sale. And the Acapulco Chair – that one I offered myself for my birthday. Besides chairs I like clever furniture that has a demand on function and design. Our new kitchen shelf is thereby the best example therefore – the “One Step Up” by Normann Copenhagen. It works like a ladder. Unfold, place boards on the “steps” and add pens, ready. It is assembled incredibly fast and very pretty to look at. This is what design is all about – but it really doesn’t characterize every piece of furniture. A few are simply beautiful (for example the Acapulco Chair). And some of them are simply useful (for example the pile bed).