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Connox questions Philipp from Studio5555:

What characterizes Studio5555? What are your themes and where do you see specialties?

The blog Studio5555 is characterized by the high-quality themes in design and architecture. This webzine already exists since 2006 in its web format and therewith belongs to the old-established. Readers find designers, architects and creative people and their incredible works in here. These are presented in details focusing on their essence.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach?

The blog is directed to all those that have a fable for good design and architecture. Everyone is welcome and might use it as inspiration source.

Every day, there are novelties from designers, architects, new products etc. How and according to what do you choose the themes for your blog out of this enormous pool of information?

Design and interior products have to pass through my personal quality check. By far, not everything that is sent to me is published. A lot does only have publicity character without regarding the workers behind it. But just the history of the emerging process is what interests the reader and me.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you search for yourself or do people even contact you?

Most of the themes I search by myself what also creates new personal contacts to designers and architects all the time. Also a quality that characterizes Studio5555: The direct contact to the creators.

Do you also read other blogs?

I enjoy reading design blogs. Every blog has a different aim and also another taste. One shouldn’t forget that usually there is only one person behind all the work and that the Blog is an evaluation, mirrored by the owner.

Is Studio5555 a hobby of yours or do you even run it as your main job? How do you integrate the blog in your everyday?

The blog is more than a hobby for me. It is a passion, lifestyle and class at the same time. Why classroom? Because one learns something new whole researching every time. I let these things flow into my job. Photography, layout, usability engineering, cognition and design belong to my daily works.

If you find an interesting theme you have to work with it, write something about it and include pictures. More or less, how much time do you invest in your blog a day? Do you limit yourself according to the motto: “Not more than X posts a day”?

This is versatile in my case. Some information is fast to workout, other information needs more time. I don’t push myself because the joy will be lost with it. Sometimes it also depends on the day, which is normal in writing processes.

What fascinates you at home design, furnishing and design in general?

The combination of shapes, colours, material, modularity and the integration in different surroundings fascinates me from interior design. I love to appreciate design with my senses. Whether to feel different materials or to enjoy shaping.

If one deals so much with design as you do, sure there develop sympathies. Is there a brand or a style that you especially like?

I do personally like minimalism: Reduced to the most necessary, without distractions by playful style elements. A straight line that tends to architectural structure. Including such attributes I am really delighted by the fact that young designers re-enter this design-form.

Have you got a favorite designer? What do you like the most at him / her or the designs?

Definitely my “favorites” are Max Bill, Otl Aicher, Le Corbusier, Dieter Rams, Ray und Charles Eames and many others. Their designs are the basis of today’s designs. Just the experience and the know-how of these designers mean an important step for design and creation. Whether in typography, in furniture design, in architecture or in the design of colours and forms.

What products delighted you recently?

The lamps system from Vicente Garcia Jimenez delighted me recently. For example the Big Bang Lamp: The sculptural explosive form and the combination of the element light gite the whole image the special something.

What products are also in your private home? What does absolutely not convince you as private person, not as a blogger, regarding products and furnishing?

I am convinced by good quality. This includes longetivity and lasting comfort. Additionally the theme sustainability should play a role. By the growing world population raw material should be used targeted. That is why less material in production means more to me. If there was enough space in my home, I would have a Steinway & Sons Wing and a bulthaup kitchen.