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Bodum - Bistro Sauce Pot with Brush Bodum - Bistro, Sauce Pot, black €19.90 *Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 440mm Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 440mm, black €18.90 *Bodum - Fyrkat Metal Barbecue Brush Bodum - Fyrkat Metal Barbecue Brush, black €24.90 *Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Barbecue 11529 Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Barbecue, black €79.90 *Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 384mm Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 348mm, black €18.90 *Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Basting Brush -33% Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Basting Brush, black RRP €18.90 €12.60 *Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Barbecue 11529 Bodum - Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Barbecue, shiny €79.90 *

To grill in summer seems to be an activity of which all genders and generations can agree. Finally not only steaks and sausages, but also fish and vegetables find a place on the silver grid.

The great popularity of grilling, lead to the creation of nowadays uncountable “toys” for enthusiastic grill masters. One of the prettiest things about grilling is finally to handle with the newest grill items. But before it comes to that, there often appear questions about how to transport the grill to the desired place; whether it is too bulky for a bicycle or to dirty for the car.

Bodum breaks up with bulky grills and missing tools now and does not only present the solution for popular problems with its grill products, but also wonderful toys and accessories for all grill enthusiasts.