Botta Design produces high quality watches with a leather strap - reduced on the essentials. The Uno 24 Watch shows a simple and elegant design. Available in the shop!
Botta Design

Botta Design

Botta Design has designed and developed wrist watches since 1986. The company was founded by Klaus Botta during his studies. Watches by Botta Design focus on the essentials.

Botta Design: high-quality watches since 1986

Since 1993, Botta has concentrated exclusively on the design and development office, which he has steadily expanded since then. During this time, the Junghans-Solar-1, the UNO, the Titan-1 series and other still-succesful models emerged. In the year 2000, Botta Design took over the distribution of their own watch collection.

The sales took initially place over the in-house sales agency “HELIX” and, since 2006, directly under the name “Botta-Design” since 2006.

Designer watches - unadorned, elegant and functional
Watches by Botta Design are characterised by the concentration on the essential.

They consciously avoid short-lived fashion attributes or formalistic decoration. The defining features of the design are much more the functional clarity and a very technical aesthetic, which is expressed in the choice of materials and manufacturing precision. An succinct product language is the characteristic that connects all the designer watches from Botta Design: Clearness, uniqueness, reduction and no-compromises functionality – unified with contemporary design, which isn’t trendy or historic. Besides these basic commonalities, the individual models are noticeably different in their philosophy. Each original model has an own conceptional theme, which gives it a specific character and uniqueness. Watches by Botta Design offer formal and technical durability.To achieve this essential objective, only premium materials and components are used.The realisation of designs exclusively by German specialist companies with decades of experience is of particular importance.

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