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Founded in 1919 by Carl Mertens, the traditional cutlery manufacturer is a modern symbol for high production quality, modern and functional design, and environmental responsibility - "Made in Solingen".


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Solingen, the “city of blades”, is one of the most traditional cutlery capitals in the world. Here iron and steel products, silverware and any kind of cutlery and cutting tools have been manufactured in tradition spanning 700 years.

It began in 1919 with Carl Mertens founding a business grinding blades for pocket knives. From there, a family business developed that is currently in its 3rd generation, led by Curt Mertens.

The stainless steel products of the today's manufacturer and silver ware factory stand for high quality, modern and functional design and ecologic responsibility - "Made in Solingen".

The design of Carl Mertens products follows a clear line: functionality, a simple style and a high aesthetic requirements. The product portfolio of the company is divided into four areas of competence: silverware, gourmet, bar and table. The products are designed in close collaboration with innovative designers from around the world. The design of the products has been showered with prizes and awards - and Carl Mertens has thus become one of the most famous and largest leading companies in design-oriented table culture.

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