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Alarm clocks and table clocks

[h2}Buy alarm clocks online – it’s a great assortment
For those of you who think that alarm clocks aren’t modern anymore, you are wrong. Many designers re-invent the classic pieces again today. Starting with radio clocks, over projection clocks up to daylight alarm clocks, there are different possibilities to start the day. Behind the traditional cover of the alarm clock, there is the most modern technique. This is how our smartphones won’t be needed on the bedside table anymore. The waking function is something common to all of the alarm clocks presented in here, but not every alarm clock is equal. There are many different models and designs: Including analogue and digital, there is something suitable available for every sleeping and bedroom type. Discover our versatile assortment of alarm clocks and be inspired by our ideas!

Alarm clocks at Connox – an overview of your advantages

The design alarm clock Many designers re-invent the classic alarm clock, creating unique designs. They re-vitalize furniture of the 70s and bring retro-design back into trendy magazines. The 70s were characterized by clap-number clocks, like those offered by the Netherlands manufacturer Leff amsterdam

The clap-number clock was considered to be the most fashionable alarm clock back then.

The analogue alarm clock The analogue clock is characterized by the pointers and the dial with twelve numbers. The mechanic clockwork had to be pulled in order to work when it first emerged. Meanwhile the technic developed and the alarm clocks run with batteries. Punkt.

The AC 01.
But the alarm clock must be switched on, every time you go to sleep, since otherwise the alarm of the twelve hours dial would ring every twelve hours.

The digital alarm clock
Digital alarm clocks have electric clockwork; versatile functions add a hint of luxury to it. Different alarm times are adjustable, in order to be woken at the same time from Monday to Friday and at a different time at the weekend. The digital clock has numbers instead of pointers, which are displayed on the LED display without needing much energy. A digital alarm clock can be more than its appearance might reveal.

Mondo designed a digital alarm clock, which doesn’t only display the time and has a waking and snooze function, but which also displays the date, the temperature and the air humidity on the LED display.
This is a perfect all-in-one solution, which has moreover an attractive appearance.

Very special specimen
The projection alarm clock by von Lexon is rather unconventional. This alarm clock displays the time at your wall or the roof, in order to see it while you’re lying in bed. The clock can be powered with a cable or with batteries. The Bird alarm clock by I.D.E.A. International is as well special.

It doesn’t look like an alarm clock and it fits in every ambience because of its soft shape.
The soft natural sounds will wake you without stress – you will feel like a bird on a tree with this one.

Travelling alarm clocks
An alarm clock for your holiday must be small, handy and powered by batteries. The travelling clock BNC002 by -Braun- the original is the AB1 designed by Dietrich Lubs – is extremely compact. The dial is traceless removable, that’s the reason why the AB1 alarm clock is perfectly suitable to be used while you’re travelling.