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Menu - Jewellery flacon Menu - Jewellery flacon from €39.00 * 5 von 5Hay - Letter Box Hay - Letter Box from €25.00 *Remember - Due Colori Boxes Remember - Due Colori Boxes €27.90 *Konstantin Slawinski - Desktop-Box Konstantin Slawinski - Desktop-Box from €99.90 *Nomess - Jewellery Box Nomess - Jewellery Box from €44.00 *Lego - Storage Box & Minifigure Display Case Lego - Storage Box & Minifigure Display Case from €26.95 *j-me - Snug tidy storage j-me - Snug tidy storage from €14.95 *Menu - Cylindrical Container with Lid -20% Menu - Cylindrical Container with Lid RRP €44.95 €35.90 *mono - depot Accessory Station mono - depot Accessory Station from €65.00 *Menu - Modern Houses Nesting Storage Boxes Menu - Modern Houses Nesting Storage Boxes from €69.95 *Menu - Traditional Houses Nesting Storage Boxes Menu - Traditional Houses Nesting Storage Boxes from €69.95 *Hartô - Louisette Tool Box Hartô - Louisette Tool Box from €90.00 *Menu - Blur Box -20% Menu - Blur Box from RRP €54.95 €43.90 *Eva Solo - Toolbox High Eva Solo - Toolbox High €44.95 *ferm Living - Buckle Jar ferm Living - Buckle Jar from €34.00 *Rosenthal - Origami-Box Rosenthal - Origami-Box from €29.50 *Areaware - Diamond Box Areaware - Diamond Box €20.00 *Remember - Solena Set of Boxes Remember - Solena Set of Boxes €27.90 *Umbra - Reflexion Jewellery Box Umbra - Reflexion Jewellery Box €40.00 *Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo XXS Koziol - Bottichelli Utensilo XXS from €4.95 *Normann Copenhagen - Brilliant Box -40% Normann Copenhagen - Brilliant Box from RRP €28.00 €16.90 *Skultuna - Belle Jewellery Box / Ring Holder Skultuna - Belle Jewellery Box / Ring Holder €135.00 *Nomess - Clear Mirror Box Nomess - Clear Mirror Box €37.00 *Luckies - Memory storage box Luckies - Memory storage box €44.95 *Bjørn Wiinblad - Metal Tin Bjørn Wiinblad - Metal Tin €24.95 *Good Thing - General Bucket Good Thing - General Bucket from €39.00 *Hay - Lens Box Hay - Lens Box from €59.00 *Koziol - Pottichelli Utensilo L Koziol - Pottichelli Utensilo L from €10.95 *Vitra - Graphic Boxes Tree of Life Vitra - Graphic Boxes Tree of Life €35.00 *Vitra - Graphic Boxes Love (Set of 2) Vitra - Graphic Boxes Love (Set of 2) €25.00 *Vitra - Graphic Boxes Flower (Set of 2) Vitra - Graphic Boxes Flower (Set of 2) €25.00 *Hay - Casette Hay - Casette from €45.00 *Raumgestalt - Glass Jar with Lid Raumgestalt - Glass Jar with Lid from €22.50 *Andersen Furniture - Create Me Box -20% Andersen Furniture - Create Me Box from RRP €29.00 €23.20 *Andersen Furniture - Create Me Lid for Box -20% Andersen Furniture - Create Me Lid for Box from RRP €12.00 €9.60 *Georg Jensen - Ilse Container Georg Jensen - Ilse Container €145.00 *

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Hay - Box Box and Box Box Desktop 5 set, coloured

Storage Boxes – Made of Glass, Plastic, Metal or Wood

Women know the problem: There's too much jewelry and cosmetics, and too little storage space. What helps are boxes that bring a little bit of order into your life. But not only women feel threatened by an acute lack of storage space, men also struggle in everyday life to keep their personal things organized. Whether the countless pens in the office, remote controls for all kinds of gadgets or missing cases for the car keys.

Jewelry Boxes - A Gift That Makes Women's Hearts Beat Faster

Women have a lot of jewelry that must be kept. So how about a jewelry box for Christmas or birthday? The Vitriini Boxes from Iittala are ideal. There are storage containers in different sizes and colors. Grouped together, they fulfill the functions of multiple trays which provide wonderful help when sorting. The nostalgic wooden Vitriini Tray completes the clear design of the boxes.

Cosmetics Storage Box – Organize Mascara, Blush and Lipstick

Around half an hour daily is spent in the bathroom by women. Hair, creams, make-up. A place must be found for all the necessary toiletries. The storage box made of wood by Nomess Copenhagen is meant for exactly this. It carries the apt name Balsabox Personal. The wooden box has various removable compartments, with which belongings can be systematically organized and arranged conveniently within the box. Particularly practical: A mirror is attached to the inside of the storage box.

Remote Control Storage: A Man's Dream

Watching football or soccer is always fun. After the match, you can follow the commentary of coaches and players. If you need to turn up the volume to hear everything, however, you can reach breaking point. Because where the remote control should be, is instead gaping emptiness. And the search begins. With the Cozy Remote Control Storage by j-me, all remotes are always in the correct spot. Up to four units can fit in the container space. With its flowery shape, the box is not only a great help, but also decoration for the living room.

Utensilo - Organize With Joy

Toys, packaging, notepads, or shampoos - this colorful mix has more in common than you might think. They are all too big or too bulky to sort into regular storage boxes. They'll fit better in a large storage basket. The your basics Collection by Koziol is evidence that storage doesn’t have to look boring. It offers storage containers in various sizes and colors, which not only beautifies sorting but also relieves it.

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