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De Breuyn - debe.detail Children’s Table 60 x 90cm

The Children's Table - From the Colourful Children's Furniture to the Companion for Years

The search for the right children’s table is not that hard, if you pay attention to some important things. What distinguishes a good table for adults, is also an elementary property for a table for kids: Ergonomics and design needn’t be foreigners in the nursery. Just like children's chairs, children’s tables should also meet certain requirements such as the right height, the right shape and the right dimensions. Properties such as a round or square shape, drawers, or patterns also make sure that there is the right children's table for every taste.

Kids Tables in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

Ergonomics and Design - The Child's Desk

In addition to the design, one thing is of course particularly important: ergonomics. Especially during the growth phase, furniture should optimally support the right posture of the child. The desks of the older siblings or parents do not fit to the little ones: It’s the wrong table height, to concentratedly do homework. A children's desk, however, stimulates a relaxed, straight posture and therefore focused working. The Sibis Afra kids desk by Sirch with a working height of 52cm is ideal for children up to eight years.

Children’s Sitting Group in an Instant - With Children’s Tables and Chairs

Colourings want to be completed, jigsaw puzzles have to be puzzled, and board games need to be won. In short: your child needs a place where it can be creative. A children’s table and chairs is just the right thing. Add some colourful chairs to the table and the children’s sitting group is ready! The Alma children’s chair by Magis Me too is a perfect partner for the children’s table Linus. Its colourful variants make the nursery look like a happy playground. The fabulous tree ornaments along the back of the chairs are particularly beautiful.

Height-Adjustable Tables for Children: The Table Grows

What’s on the one hand the joy of all parents, is on the other hand the chagrin of all parents. Children grow fast. After just a few months, clothes already won’t fit anymore. To prevent this from happening regarding the furnishing of the children's room, the manufacturer Pure Position thought of something special. The height of the Growing Table is adjustable. This way, the table starts to fit from the age 2, but reaches a maximum height of 72cm.

Whether a kids desk, design classics in the mini format or game table - in our online shop you will find exactly the right table for your child. If you want a certain colour or shape or if you have questions, our service team will be happy to assist.

You would like to buy a children's table online? In this case, let us send you high-quality children’s table to your home, comfortably within a few working days!