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Fiskars - All Steel + Cookware

The Cooking Pot: Fulfilling all Requirements

Pots are ten a penny. They couldn't be more different in form, material and capacity. Each one of the pots has its advantage: Speed, even heat distribution, and particular hygiene. And in times of different types of stoves you need to answer the question whether the selected pot is suitable for your kind of stove. In this category we’ve compiled many high-quality cooking pots for you. Find yourself the right model.

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Which Saucepan on which Stove: First Things First

Not every pot is suited for all types of stoves. There are hardly any problems with an electric stove. Here the ceramic top is simply heated and passes the heat to the pots. In this context the pot for the classic variant is made of stainless steel. However, it has the disadvantage that it doesn’t have a uniform heat distribution. So, if you want to cook in an energy-saving way, a different model would serve better. Pot bottoms made from a copper stainless steel mixture, however, are very conductive and effectively protect against burning thanks to the thick base.
In case you have a gas stove, you nearly have all possibilities in terms of pots. It’s only glass pots you should refrain from. Pots made of copper however, are perfectly suited. Therefore they are also often to find in professional kitchens.
If you count on induction, there are still a few things that should be considered. Induction stoves produce heat by magnetic forces. Therefore, pots made from enamel, copper or terracotta are not an option. Stainless steel pots are usually suitable for induction. However, make sure that the pots as labelled as suitable.

These are the most popular Types of Pots

Cast Iron Pots: a pot made of cast iron emits its heat evenly. Though when looking for pots make sure that they are already very heavy without content. But they are also very solid. Cast iron pots are prone to rusting, so the cleaning can become difficult in the long term. Leftovers shouldn’t be left in the pot. With the Iittala Sarpaneva pot you can avoid these problems. On the inside it is coated with enamel.
Enamel pots: enamel is the melting glass of a ceramic type. It is usually combined with steel pots. It helps them to be less susceptible to rust. Pots with enamel are extremely durable but have the disadvantage that food easily burns in them.
Copper: copper pots come with their antibacterial properties, because bacteria can’t develop on copper. The thermal conductivity of copper pots is by far better than of pots made of any other materials. The pots should be washed by hand.
Pressure cookers: pressure cookers save one of all things: time. In a pressure cooker you prepare food under great heat and pressure. Make sure not to open the lid during cooking. Otherwise, the vegetables will be overcooked.
Aluminium cast pots: a cooking pot made of cast aluminum is a good conductor of heat. However the pots should better be cleaned by hand, they might deform at high temperatures in the dishwasher. In this case the matching lids become useless. Also, the material is controversial due to possible health risks.

Tip: You would like to equip your kitchen with new pots completely? Then a cookware set such as the Iittala tools Cookware set is the right one for you.
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