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Artificial - Maurer Vases set

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Artificial - Vases set - 5 pieces ( 102109)
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Material glass, edges polished
Color Multicoloured
Dimensions Height: 27 cm
Weight 4.7 kg (without packaging)
Item no. 102109
EAN 4250298707884

„I only realized that the double-liter-bottle is an Austrian specialty that is also full of many feelings, memories and associations when it is empty, when it came to sacrifice them to the EU-norms. My eye became sharper at this experience; my love for the shape of bottles came alive.

With my vases series I cited bottle-forms that should display special sorts, regions and cultures of wine. Who doesn’t associate German white wine with the classic Bouteille, a French red wine with the burgundy bottle? Similar to how the “DJ” uses what he has for music, the “Found Footage Genre” for films, I combine form-cites. These ones emphasize the differences of wine culture as a series. The vases that have been produced in a real glass house are not only as irregular as their icons, they also display their branding on the ground, just as real wine bottles do: regulation-marks or an officially estate wine culture. This makes the vases Apollonian fragments of dionysic enjoyments.

My work as a designer didn’t consist of the creation of a new design out of nothing, but in emphasizing already known things with new light, with a different usage, and to fill them with new meaning. With the vases series I want people to focus on important aspects of European everyday life. The single forms communicate with each other in the series; they open a context for each other. I do not re-design a form completely, but with a little change in cognition and interpretation by the viewer.”Franz Maurer

The dimensions of the vases are diameters between 7.5 to 13 cm and heights between 18 and 27 cm.

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