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The Raclette Grill: Swiss Tradition for your Home

Each country has its national, traditional deish. For Switzerland it'S cheese and raclette. According to tradition, original Swiss shepherds already melted their cheese above the camp fire and spread it on their bread in the 13th century. In the 19th century, wealthy citizens started and ended their feast with melted cheese. In the 20th century, the national dish was finally named at an exhibition in the province of Valais: raclette, coming from the French word for scraping and scratching. Since that day, the feast was not stopped and began its triumphal march through the kitchens all over the world. With a raclette grill from our design assortment, you get a piece of Swiss history into your home.

Raclette Grills in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

A Swiss Raclette Grill for any Eventualities

For many people, the raclette grill is indispensable on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Sitting together with family and friends, eat, laugh and celebrate for hours. Although, the raclette grill was originally a summer dish because the cheese was made of spring and summer milk and was only eatable for three months. For us, not only cheese belongs on the grill or in the pans. Vegetables, meat and fish are also popular. The Raclette 8 by Spring is ideal for a larger round. It can accommodate eight people. With the Raclette 2 + you can spend a pleasant evening together with your partner. Particularly practical: if guests show up spontaneously, you can simply extend the grill for two with a separately available module to a raclette party grill. The pans and grill surfaces of the raclette device of Spring are all made of nonstick coating material. The grills feature a stepless adjustable thermostat.

Succeeding in Having the Perfect Raclette

1. Never place empty pans on the hot grill. Their coating could be damaged or leftover food in them can burn.
2. The griddle is ideal for cooking all sensitive fish, meat or vegetables. But also desserts like crepes can perfectly be prepared on it.
3. Impatient? Cut meat or fish can into small pieces, this way they cook faster.
4. Another trend from Switzerland: "Pizza Fondue". Place pizza dough in the pans first before filling them as usual. The for8 PizzaGrill by Stöckliis ideal for this purpose. In addition to the upper heating element, it has under the grilling surface a lower heating element for better refining the dough. Especially those of us are thrilled by this who constantly like to overload their pans.

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