Textile Samples - Fatboy


Fatboy - Textile and colour sample, Polyester (2015) Fatboy - Textile Samples New Colours, Polyester (2015) €50.00 *Fatboy - Textile and colour sample, Stonewashed (2015) Fatboy - Textile Samples New Colours, Stonewashed (2015) €50.00 *Fatboy - textile and colour samples (2012) Fatboy - Textile Samples New Colours, Nylon (2015) €50.00 *Fatboy - Textile and colour sample, Sunbrella (2015) Fatboy - Textile Samples New Colours, Sunbrella (2015) €50.00 *

Fatboy - textile and colour samples, nylon

In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom and even outside – fatboy has the suitable product for nearly all living areas. The choice of material, fabric, and colour of the Dutch manufacturer is just as varied as the selection of products.

We present textile samples for you to select a suitable fatboy product without losing your sense for the essential by puzzling about the right colour. You will be able to adapt the colours of the fatboy-assortment comfortably to your personal furnishing style. For products, such as the original beanbag or Baboesjka, which await you with countless colour combinations, the pre-selection of suitable colours can facilitate the choice and avoid future trouble.

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