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Bar Stools

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Hay - About A Stool AAS 32 -31% Hay - About A Stool AAS 32 from RRP €229.00 €158.00 *Hay - Hee Bar Stool Hay - Hee Bar Stool from €179.00 * 4 von 5Lapalma - Lem Barstool (chrome-plated frame) Lapalma - Lem Barstool (chrome-plated frame) from €438.00 * 5 von 5Plank - Miura Barstool Plank - Miura Barstool from €208.50 *Hay - About A Stool AAS 38 Hay - About A Stool AAS 38 from €199.00 *Hay - Revolver Barstool Hay - Revolver Barstool from €195.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 from €255.00 *Magis - Bombo Stool Magis - Bombo Stool from €472.00 *Menu - Afteroom Barstool Menu - Afteroom Barstool from €379.95 *Vitra - Hal bar stool Vitra - Hal bar stool from €270.00 *Kartell - Spoon Barstool Kartell - Spoon Barstool €447.00 *Kartell - One More Bar Stool Kartell - One More Bar Stool €279.00 *Magis - Tom The Wild Bunch Barstool Magis - Tom The Wild Bunch Barstool from €417.00 *Zieta - Plopp bar stool Zieta - Plopp bar stool from €375.00 *Mater - Barstool Mater - Barstool from €749.90 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 75 (Wood) Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 75 (Wood) from €255.00 *Hartô - Grand Gustave Stool Hartô - Grand Gustave Stool €245.00 *La Palma - Thin Barstool La Palma - Thin Barstool from €489.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 (Steel) Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 (Steel) from €255.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 (Chrome) Normann Copenhagen - Form Bar Stool 65 (Chrome) from €270.00 *Blå Station - Gecco Bar Stool -31% Blå Station - Gecco Bar Stool from RRP €1,207.00 €837.00 *Magis - Lyra Bar Stool Magis - Lyra Bar Stool from €321.50 *Magis - Stool One Bar Stool Magis - Stool One Bar Stool from €274.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Bar Stool Driade - Tokyo-Pop Bar Stool €315.00 *Magis - Déjà-vu Barstool Magis - Déjà-vu Barstool €297.50 *Casamania - Kant Stool Casamania - Kant Stool €195.00 *Emeco - Navy Bar Stool Emeco - Navy Bar Stool €1,035.00 *Artek - Rocket Barstool Artek - Rocket Barstool €288.00 *Artek - High Chair K65 Artek - High Chair K65 €408.00 *Cappellini - Alodia Bar Stool Cappellini - Alodia Bar Stool €345.00 *Magis - Pipe Bar Stool Magis - Pipe Bar Stool €405.00 *Vitra - Hal Ply Stool High Vitra - Hal Ply Stool High €475.00 *Vitra - Hal Ply Stool Medium Vitra - Hal Ply Stool Medium €429.00 *Kartell - One More Please bar stool Kartell - One More Please bar stool €279.00 *Emeco - Bar Stool Emeco - Bar Stool €547.00 *Vitra - Tabouret Haut Barstool Vitra - Tabouret Haut Barstool €655.00 *

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Modern bar stool Hal by Vitra

Bar Stools – Elegant Accents for Versatile Use

It is hard to imagine many dining rooms without bar stools. On the one hand, they are functional and save space. On the other hand, they can be combined with an elegant dining table or a bistro table to create magnificent effects. Of course, bar stools can still be found in party basements; nonetheless, they have become highly versatile as design pieces in the living area. Bar stools are also functional highlights in the lounge areas of your office. Be inspired by the unique pieces in the Connox online shop!

Unique Bar Stools as Great Eye-Catchers

If you prefer typical bar stools with symmetric shapes, you will be delighted by the straight-lined Revolver Bar Stool by Danish company Hay, which comes with both classic elegance and a surprising feature. If you like modern yet simple design, the bar stool About A Stool is an excellent choice. The Stool One Bar Stool surprises with its truly unusual shape. Italian design company Magis uses functionality - the design bar stools are stackable - and versatility: This fascinating piece of furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its robust materials. Designer Jasper Morrison also uses multifunctionality with his Hal Bar Stool: Uncomplicated shapes, simple colors and versatile uses make this design bar stool a beautiful enrichment in any home.

Interesting Combinations for Every Furnishing

Bar stools alone are a beautiful and stylish enrichment for your dining table, compliment your kitchen counter as counter height stools or serve as a beautiful decorative object in nearly any room. Combine the stools with elegant tables and beautiful effective lighting and look forward to your guests’ amazement! In the Connox online shop, you fill find numerous different possibilities for highlighting your furniture. In addition to stools, tables, and lamps you can add other useful details: Just have a look at our home decor category! Whether you want to stick to a trend or dare a contrast is up to you. Be inspired by the wide product range in the Connox online shop!

Bar Stools in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy a bar chair or bar stool online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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