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Skagerak - Georg Bench Skagerak - Georg Bench from €699.00 *Vitra - Nelson Bench Vitra - Nelson Bench from €615.00 *Hay - Palissade Bench Hay - Palissade Bench from €315.00 *Skagerak - Cutter Wooden Bench -20% Skagerak - Cutter Wooden Bench from RRP €699.00 €559.00 *We do Wood - Correlations Bench We do Wood - Correlations Bench €500.00 *Skagerak - England Bench -31% Skagerak - England Bench RRP €1,449.00 €999.00 *Hay - Palissade Armrest Bench Hay - Palissade Armrest Bench from €499.00 *Jan Kurtz - Tivoli Bench Jan Kurtz - Tivoli Bench from €498.00 *emform - Corobench emform - Corobench from €269.00 *Swedese - Log Seat Series Swedese - Log Seat Series from €581.00 *Kartell - Invisible Side Kartell - Invisible Side €404.00 *Fermob - Sixties Bench Fermob - Sixties Bench from €567.00 *Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 215 Bench Hay - Copenhague CPH Deux 215 Bench €499.00 *Skagerak - Turn Bench Skagerak - Turn Bench €469.00 *Fermob - Luxembourg Kid Children’s Bench Fermob - Luxembourg Kid Children’s Bench from €163.00 *Hay - Palissade Lounge Sofa Hay - Palissade Lounge Sofa from €715.00 *Conmoto - Riva Bench Conmoto - Riva Bench €595.00 *Artek - Bench 153A Artek - Bench 153A €562.00 *Wogg 35 Bench Wogg 35 Bench €634.00 *Zanotta - Quaderna bench Zanotta - Quaderna bench €2,166.00 *Artek - Pirkka Bench - 2 Seater Artek - Pirkka Bench - 2 Seater €660.00 *Extremis - Romeo & Juliet Extremis - Romeo & Juliet €3,800.00 *Fermob - Ellipse Bench for 2 Fermob - Ellipse Bench for 2 €830.00 *Conmoto - Tension Bench Conmoto - Tension Bench from €1,060.00 *Artek - Kiki Bench Artek - Kiki Bench €1,411.00 *Weishäupl - Cross Bench Weishäupl - Cross Bench €799.00 *Hay - Frame Bench Hay - Frame Bench €929.00 *Fermob - Origami Bench Fermob - Origami Bench from €467.00 *Knoll - Bertoia Outdoor Bench Knoll - Bertoia Outdoor Bench from €2,844.00 *Vitra - Wood Bench Vitra - Wood Bench from €1,428.00 *Karimoku New Standard - Castor Dinning Bench Karimoku New Standard - Castor Dinning Bench €606.90 *Skagerak - Overlap Bench Skagerak - Overlap Bench €1,299.00 *Freeline - Broomstik Garden Bench Freeline - Broomstik Garden Bench from €459.00 *Menu - Afteroom Bench Menu - Afteroom Bench from €1,199.00 *Fermob - Louisian Bench 200 cm Fermob - Louisian Bench 200 cm from €560.00 *Skagerak - England Bench 152 -31% Skagerak - England Bench 152 RRP €1,325.00 €919.00 *

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Black wooden bench by Skagerak

Bench: Furniture with Added Value

In the middle ages, only people of the same rank were allowed to take place next to each other. Nobles were not allowed to sit next to the common folk and vice versa. Today it is much more informal. On benches, we take a seat next to friends, family and acquaintances. A bench is much more than just a convenient piece of furniture. There are benches in various widths, providing storage space and high design standards. Find a suitable designer bench for you!

Benches That Beautify Your Home

Wooden Benches: The wooden bench is the classic among benches. The somewhat dusty base form, consisting of elongated seat and four legs, has been reinterpreted and redeveloped by numerous designers over the years. The manufacturer Conmoto joins in on this tradition with its Tension Bench. The bench’s uniqueness lies in its combination of dark solid teak with wooden composite. Handy for those missing the back rest: the Tension bench is available in a version with the backrest.

Benches With Storage: Kitchen tables are often a kind of focal point in the home. Obviously you collect many things over the course of the day. But what to do when it’s mealtime? The Correlations Bench by We do wood offers more seating and storage space compared to a chair. A removable lid ensures that many items can find their place in the bench. Creating order in the blink of an eye.

Outdoor Bench: Spring and summer sunshine is most beautiful when you can enjoy it outside. A garden bench is the perfect place to relax and tan during these seasons. The Cutter Series by Skagerak emerged as a kind of tribute to the nostalgic charm of old outdoor benches. Originally intended for the garden, the clear design of the first piece of furniture, a bench, has demonstrated itself to be ideal for the hallway, bathroom, dining room and all other living areas.

Bedroom Bench: At the end of the bed, a bench is a popular piece of furniture and design element. It helps you dress in the morning and is also a practical storage space at the end of the bed. The Kiki Bench by Artek consists of rugged cushioning and a steel frame. The material makes it an ideal contrast to for Scandinavian-style furniture, which is dominated by wood, or romanticism. The comfortable and simple cushion made from polyurethane foam also makes the Kiki an elegant cushioned bench.

Benches in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy outdoor benches, benches with storage, bedroom benches or a designer bench online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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