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Plane Secretary from Müller Möbelwerkstätten

Working with style: highly functional design desks and secretaries of renowned designers

The desk is a central piece of furniture in the working room or the office. It isn’t only a piece of furniture, but a working instrument – that’s why it must be skilful: It has to be resistant, it has to have the right height and a pleasant touch as well as enough space, but it should also adapt to the living proportions. Accordingly careful is how you should choose your desk – it should be the perfect desk for your demands and your taste, suiting the rest of your furniture. Design desks connect high functionality with a sophisticated, tasty appearance – because your desk isn’t a working instrument, but a home accessory as well. Get a design desk from and you will have an extra-class home accessory at home!

Purchase design desks in the interior design shop – an overview of your advantages

Design furniture: “form follows function” on different ways

Each designer includes a bit of his creative identity in every piece of furniture he designs. The designers get their inspiration out of their own experience. The results are desks that have a common aim – enabling comfortable working on a stable surface – but they are different to the basic form in many cases. These differences are mirrored in their size, shape, colour and material.

The design desk out of wood – a piece of naturalness

Many designers focus on a natural, resistant material. Wood is perfectly suitable to be used with a desk. A popular kind of wood for furniture is oak wood. This one is very robust and weatherproof. It belongs to the homely kinds of wood and it is characterized by its long duration. The great grain it has adds an individual, natural flair to furniture. Those that like natural colours and massive wood, should consider desks by Vitra and Hay.

Design desks in white – the classic ones

White represents purity and simple elegance. Many designers love this simple tone because it emphasizes form and functionality. Design desks are often found in white, spreading high class elegance and an almost sterile organisation. If you’re looking for such a desk, you might like those of the manufacturers Conmoto and Kartell.
The manufacturer Müller Möbelwerkstätten also works with white, but emphasizing a kind of modern playfulness – by means of the angled appearance, but also through some elements like the natural edges. The design objects are rather secretaries than tables and they are ideally suitable for small rooms and limited space possibilities.

The design office table in a set – with desk chair and desk lamp

A design desk deserves the optimal ambience and this one is reached with a suitable desk chair and the suitable}desk lamp. There is also a big selection of design desk utensils and office accessories in the Connox home design shop. Order it all directly out of one hand and let us deliver it into your house! If you have any further questions please contact our customer service. They will gladly try to answer all of your questions.