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The Right Shelf for Your Home

What we expect from shelves could not be more different. While they serve as practical, space-saving storage, they are the perfect way to display beautiful things and make them a highlight. Whether on the wall or in corners and niches - in our interior design shop you will find shelves which perfectly integrate into your environment.
Niche shelves are suitable for small apartments and penthouses. They offer a bit more storage space without wasting precious living space. It is important to make sure the shelf is easily accessible and that items can be removed and sorted without much effort. Modern shelving units are perfect for such purposes.

Shelving Units – Unique, Individual and Practical

Free standing, horizontal, vertical, practical - the trend is increasingly towards multi-functionality and versatility for shelves. Shelf systems that can be varied and extended at will are popular. Whether as sideboard, small wall shelf or expanded to a whole wall, shelves often look perfect in their surroundings. Muuto’s Stacked shelving system with three different-sized shelf cubes that can freely be combined with each other. Allowing you to make exactly the shelf you need and want. The modular shelving system offers suitable storage space through various compartment sizes for items and accessories in different sizes. Thus, the rack adapts to your changing needs and allows for full flexibility. The master of shelving units is String: Many elements in different lengths and sizes allow you to adjust the shelf completely to the demands of the home. The combination possibilities for shelving units are endless - use them and create the perfect shelf for your house.

Ladder Shelves - Decorative and Useful

Numerous designers are redesigning the ladder and creating a special shelf - decorative, but also useful and versatile. No matter whether as a shelf or coat stand - the ladder can be adapted to a different purpose depending on the occasion. The One Step Up shelf by Normann Copenhagen is reminiscent of a folding ladder, whose simple and linear design combines shape, material and function as a single unit. The One Step Up shelf is very versatile. It creates space and opportunities for storage in the bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the office and can be used as a practical room partition. Find more modern ladder shelves with the manufacturers Skagerak and Swedese.

Wall Shelves - Flexible and Resilient

The wall shelf is the classic among shelves – it feels like they have always been there. You can’t imagine having a living or working space without them. The classic shelves do not play in the foreground and make their contents the focus. Not only books on the wall can find their place, but also home decor and special items can be highlighted on a wall shelf perfectly. Very thin steel sheets like with the Book tower by Haseform let the shelf become invisible. Books look like they are floating on the wall. This is the case with the book and DVD shelf by linea1. Using a narrow steel sheet, the bookcase makes a shadow gap against the wall and enables an invisible fastening. The modern, creative alternatives to the classic wall shelf are gaining in popularity.

Buying Your Designer Shelf at Connox - Your Advantages

You’ll see that you can find a wide selection of shelves in the Connox interior design shop.
Discover our offering and be inspired by a wide range of high-quality designer shelves!

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