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FlexibleLove - Sofa

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FlexibleLove, Earth 8
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Paper in perfection: The sustainable eco-material is shown in its most beautiful aspect in the unique FlexibleLove collection. The sensational paper sofa even turns the heads of renowned designers and arts experts at exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Exploratorium Museum San Francisco.

As intelligent as nature, so comfortable to sit on
FlexibleLove, as genuine natural furniture, consists of paper and wood and it is thus not only 100 percent recyclable, but also a real eye-catcher visually! Thanks to its stabile honeycomb structure, the eco-sofa remains in optimum shape even after many years and has surprisingly comfortable seats. Just like the perfect partner, it anticipates and meets your every wish. Therefore FlexibleLove can take a lot and effortlessly adapts to every life situation.

The most flexible design sofa in the world
Whether two people are cuddling or there is a social evening with a lot of guests: Your new love will astonish you with its perfect flexibility. In only a few seconds the sustainable accordion sofa will become apiece of XXXL furniture for up to 8 users. And what about a change with a different arrangement; trying a zigzag or serpentine shape or going once round a pillar? Try this with your “old thing”!

With a maximum of 8 users, a length of up to 350 cm and a usable area of 13 cm (folded) and up to 3 m (unfolded), FL-earth 08 is the smallest model in the FlexibleLove collection. Regarding flexibility, sustainability, functionality and design, the paper sofa really does stay great. A special piece of natural furniture, really.

More details:

Please note:

The material elasticity in the sofa is still very high when you pull it out for the first time. As described in the user instructions, the sofa should be pulled out to its maximum length when being used for the first time.

What is the Flexiblelove made of?
Flexiblelove consists of recyclable paper and wood and is 100% recyclable. The Earth models are made of recycled paper. Please follow local regulations when disposing of the sofa.

How resilient is this natural material?
The unique honeycomb structure and selected paper quality make Flexiblelove a stable natural piece of furniture. Every model is made for a defined number of long-term and short-term users, please take the product descriptions and follow them. Please do not place objects on the paper sofa, use it solely as seating. Jumping, standing or running on the product, just as excessive pulling and tearing or using sharp objects on it will cause damage. Pulling the sofa over the stipulated maximum length can also cause misshaping and damage. The material is a natural product so gradual signs of wear are normal. Thus our flexible natural sofas have the effect of personal originals.

How does Flexiblelove react to fire and water?
The paper honeycomb in the designer sofa is flame-resistant. Please keep sources of heat, open flames, cigarettes, direct sunlight and high temperatures away from Flexiblelove. The paper furniture should only be used in closed, sufficiently aired rooms as it is sensitive to rain, high winds and high humidity.

Which floors does Flexiblelove need?
Please place the eco-sofa on an even, well-balanced area. A carpet or cushioning is advisable when using the paper sofa on a wooden floor. The elasticity of the sofa is particularly strong on smooth floors. The maximum length can only be achieved on a non-slip underlay (rug or carpeting).

How should I care for and clean the designer sofa?
Please use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the paper. Remove stains on the side pieces as soon as possible with a soft cloth. Cleaning agents with petrol, solvents, oil, kerosene, alcohol or cleaning salts cannot be used.

How is Flexiblelove transported and assembled?
The paper sofa should be transported and moved when it is folded. Please always use both hands to hold it. Please pull out the sofa to its maximum length when using it for the first time. Ideally, a person should sit on each end of the sofa for three to five minutes. Please repeat this five to six times to reach the maximum length. Then Flexiblelove can be used in your preferred length and shape. If you would like to refold the accordion sofa to a shorter length, please lay it on the side part and put an object on it to weigh it down. Reaching the original length will become slower over time.



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Details width when pushed together: 13.6 cm, width when unfolded: 350 cm; seat height: 39 cm; suggested seats capacity: 8 grown-ups; resistance: 960 kg
Material recycled paper and recycled wooden fiber board
Colour Brown
Dimensions Height: 64 cm, Depth: 56 cm
Weight 17 kg (without packaging)
Seat height 39 cm
For outdoor use No
Part No. 119214
EAN 4715635225006
Category Sofas

Youtube-Video of the FlexibleLove - Earth 08 by Nuardis

Get in impression of the sofa’s flexibility. Earth 08 by FlexibleLove is made of recycled cardboard that can be pulled and formed into different shapes and sizes. It’s a space saving and spacious furniture in one.

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