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The Design Stool – More Than Just a Stool

There are few items that are as versatile as a stool. A stool is a simple piece of furniture without backrest. Stools were one of the most common seating accommodations as early as the Middle Ages. Today, the stool is a unique design piece – thanks to different shapes and high-quality, versatile materials such as plastic, wood, glass, wool or cardboard. This way, stools find more uses than being a useful stepladder.

A Stool as a Footrest

It’s hard to imagine any household without a stool. If you need to reach for something high up, you get up on the stool and are immediately a few centimeters taller. The wooden stool AEKI by Auerberg can quickly be re-purposed into a stepladder thanks to its two steps, but it is also great as a side table or seat.

Design Stools as Side Tables or Nightstands

It is almost a shame to use the modern design objects just as stepladders. Thanks to creative designs and special materials, stools can also be used as side tables in your living room or as nightstands in the bedroom – a stool is a nice alternative. It is great as a coffee table, offers enough space for a cup of tea, a magazine or the remote control. It’s even an eye-catcher when it doesn’t serve a purpose.

The Stool as a Seat

Primarily, the stool is and will always be a seat. If there is no more room on your couch, armchair or chairs, stools are practical, space-saving and stylish solutions. The design stool compliments classic seats and adds some freshness to your home. Almost anyone will enjoy sitting on the wooden Skagerak Georg stool. The mixture of oak, raw leather and mottled wool gives Skagerak a natural and light look that fits into any room - whether as seat or as side table.

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