Door Stopper - Safety for the Wall and Door

Design Door Stopper: Faster than the Lock and Key Service

You just want to take the waste outside and the disaster happens: with a loud bang the door shuts behind you. And did you take your keys with you? No. Why should you? It was supposed to take only a second. Now you have to sit and wait, either for the friend with the spare key, or for the lock and key service. The case is clear: This wouldn’t have happened with a door stopper!

Doorstops in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

Safety for the Wall and Door

The door stop for the door is what the airbag is for us in the car. It protects you, the walls and the furniture from accidental damage when the door slams shut. Broken locks, dents in the walls or splintered frames are a thing of the past.

Floor Door Stopper: From Colourful to Simple

Doorstops are boring? They don't need to be. There are many different designs. For example James the doorman by Black + Blum. With all his strength he pushes the door, to keep it open. In contrast very relaxed: the door stop on the floor Sweety from the manufacturer side by side. A small nudge with the beak and the door stays where it is. The times of slamming doors are over. For those who prefer classic design, might want to choose the Zerberus stainless steel door stop by Odin. It excels in a timeless and simple design.

What you should keep in mind when buying a door stopper?

1. Weight: to prevent your door stopper from wandering towards the lock together with the door, it should have a certain weight.
2. Stability: A door stopper mustn’t wobble. Otherwise it could simply tip over in the moment it matters the most.
3. Toddlers and babies: make sure that your door stopper has no loose or small parts. Otherwise, your child could choke on it during the next discovery tour through the house or apartment.

You would like to buy your doorstop online? Let us send you your favourite one home, comfortably within a few working days!