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Trash Cans – For the Environment

Did you know that most of our waste is recyclable? Only non-recyclable waste is burned and therefore harms our environment. In order to avoid burning recyclable ressources unnecessarily, it is important to separate trash. The first step in the right direction is a system of trash cans in your home.

To help you making the right choice when looking for a trash can we collected all the information you need to know. Find a short overview on materials, functionality and discover different designer trash cans that might make your everyday life a little easier.

Waste Bin Materials: Stainless Steel Trash Cans to Plastic Bins

We have come a long way from the classic plastic bins. Today trash bins come in a wide variety of materials: There is no limit to your imagination. Of course recycle bins made of plastic do still exist. They probably make up the biggest share of all trash cans, too. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that a plastic bin has to be boring. With creative designs the trash cans - mostly used to recycle paper - are more home decor than solely a waste basket. Besides that, there are countless metal trash cans - most of them made of stainless steel - which are perfectly suited as kitchen garbage cans or bathroom trash cans. Last but not least you even can find recycle bins made out of paper here on Connox. Read on if you want to get to know more about the advantages of each material:

Metal: Stainless steel trash cans have a high-quality, noble flair. Therefore, they can be used in any room. The biggest advantage: Stainless steel doesn’t rust, making it an ideal bathroom trash can. With a lid, you ensure that odors always remain inside the waste bin. This way metal trash cans make for perfect kitchen garbage cans as well. Also practical: Most of the trash bins here on Connox have a pedal which opens the metal trash can - This way, you always have both hands free, which is especially useful when cooking!

Paper: A recycle bin made of paper waste? Yes, that's possible. Manufacturer Goods produces the Paperbag Recycle Bin from old posters. Buying this design trash can always comes with a surprise: The poster that is used to make your paper basket is chosen randomly. Of course, trash cans made of paper might not be the best choice for your bathroom or kitchen, as humidity is not good for the material and perishable food is not properly contained. But as a recycle bin in the office products such as the Paperbag will always provide for a smile.

Plastic: There is a reason why the material is most commonly used for trash cans. Plastic is a true all-rounder that convinces with its robust qualities and can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap only. In addition, a plastic bin - like those made of metal - holds unpleasant odors inside when made with a lid. This makes those kinds of trash cans ideal kitchen garbage cans. This thought in the back of the head, the British manufacturer Joseph Joseph created the Totem Collection. The intelligent disposal system offers more than enough space to separate waste responsibly. The product is available in different sizes and thus adapts perfectly to any room size.

Different Trash Cans, Different Functions

Not every garbage can is made for every job. There are several criteria that influence which trash can can be used where and in which way. One of them is - as already mentioned - the material. Paper bins don't make for good food disposals or bathroom trash cans. Nevertheless, they are ideally suited as paper baskets in the office or in your kids' room. Of course metal trash cans as well as those made of plastic can fulfill this function just too. Thus, the material you choose for your paper baskets depends on your personal preference.

If you want to use your trash can in the kitchen on the other hand, we would advise you to make sure your kitchen garbage can has a lid and preferably a pedal to open it. This way you keep (fruit) flies outside and unpleasant smells inside your trash can. For kitchen trash cans we strongly recommend always using trash bags. This way you will not having to clean your waste basket often. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a bathroom trash can is the room's humidity. Make sure to use a plastic bin or a stainless steel trash can - both of these materials are very robust and will look good, even after being in use for a long time. Menu and Södahl both offer beautiful examples for design bathroom trash cans.

In addition to the aspects mentioned before, the space you have plays a significant role. Especially in smaller apartments, where the kitchen or the bathroom only offer little space, people often refrain from recycling. In these cases it is particularly important to find an intelligent and space-saving solution, so that recycling is possible for them as well. We recommend using tall trash cans such as the Swinging Lid Bin by Koziol or creative designs such as Joseph Joseph's Stack Recycling Bin.

Color & Design: From Reduced, Classic Designs to Creative Solutions

One of the most important aspects - as always when buying something for your home - is that the design suits your personal taste. You will for one thing find trash cans designed in a very classic way with reduced color schemes. This design is more discreet, emphasizing your decoration or the rest of your home's furniture.

But waste bins also offer the possibility to be decor themselves: Vibrant colors and unusual designs set fine accents in every room. Examples would be the Binbox by Reisenthel or the Bin Bin Recycle Bin by essey. Depending on your individual taste, here at Connox the choice is yours!

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Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

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