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New product - Breakfast Board - Breakfast Board €24.90 *Iittala - Tanssi China Iittala - Tanssi China from €13.90 *Iittala Teema - Speckled Blue Iittala Teema - Speckled Blue from €15.90 *Marimekko - Oiva Sääpäiväkirja Plate Ø 20 cm Marimekko - Oiva Sääpäiväkirja Plate Ø 20 cm €29.00 *Arzberg - Joyn Oak Plate Arzberg - Joyn Oak Plate from €16.00 *Iittala - Origo (beige stripes) Iittala - Origo (beige stripes) from €12.50 *Rosendahl - Bamboo breakfast board Rosendahl - Bamboo breakfast board €39.95 *Iittala X Issey Miyake - Plate 11x11 cm Iittala X Issey Miyake - Plate 11x11 cm from €25.90 *Eva Solo - Pizza and Bread Baking Stone Eva Solo - Pizza and Bread Baking Stone €44.95 * 5 von 5Marimekko - Räsymatto Serving Plate Marimekko - Räsymatto Serving Plate €18.50 *Eva Trio - Legio Nova Butter Dish Eva Trio - Legio Nova Butter Dish from €29.95 *Marimekko - Oiva Spaljé Bowl Marimekko - Oiva Spaljé Bowl €25.00 *by Lassen - Norli Plate by Lassen - Norli Plate from €20.00 *Iittala Teema - Speckled Grey Iittala Teema - Speckled Grey from €15.90 *Iittala - Taika - black Iittala - Taika - black from €11.90 *Kahla - Update, White Kahla - Update, White from €4.25 *Skagerak - Nordic Tray Skagerak - Nordic Tray €69.00 *Marimekko - Oiva Räsymatto Espresso Cup with Saucer Marimekko - Oiva Räsymatto Espresso Cup with Saucer €29.00 *Stelton - Emma Bowls Stelton - Emma Bowls from €29.95 *Alessi - Dressed Eggcup with Spoon Alessi - Dressed Eggcup with Spoon from €23.00 *Stelton - Emma Plate (set of 2) Stelton - Emma Plate (set of 2) from €29.95 *Skagerak - Nordic Serving Tray, large Skagerak - Nordic Serving Tray, large from €53.00 *Iittala X Issey Miyake - Serving Plate Iittala X Issey Miyake - Serving Plate €79.90 * 5 von 5Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Plates Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Plates from €25.00 *Marimekko - Oiva Siirtolapuutarha Plate (Spring 2017) Marimekko - Oiva Siirtolapuutarha Plate (Spring 2017) €25.00 *Menu - New Norm Bowl Ø 13.5 cm Menu - New Norm Bowl Ø 13.5 cm from €18.95 *Zone Denmark - Salt Shaker with Egg Cups Zone Denmark - Salt Shaker with Egg Cups from €19.95 *Morsø - Grill Plate (Set of 2) Morsø - Grill Plate (Set of 2) €99.00 *Bodum - Assam Tea Glass with stainless steel handle Bodum - Assam Tea Glass with stainless steel handle €22.90 *Authentics - Eiko Egg Cup Authentics - Eiko Egg Cup from €12.90 *Kahla - Five Senses, white Kahla - Five Senses, white from €6.50 *Magisso - Tea Cup Magisso - Tea Cup from €21.00 * 2 von 5Menu - New Norm Plate Ø 28.5 cm Menu - New Norm Plate Ø 28.5 cm €26.95 *Marimekko - Oiva Plate Marimekko - Oiva Plate €14.00 *Iittala - Ultima Thule Plate Iittala - Ultima Thule Plate from €39.90 *Menu - New Norm Plate / Lid Ø 17.5 cm Menu - New Norm Plate / Lid Ø 17.5 cm from €19.95 *

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Setting image, theme: Rooms - tableware

Design Tableware: Charming Design with High Functionality

Cookware just like any cooking tools are supposed to reliably fulfill their tasks. It’s supposed to store food and drinks, keep them warm or cool and be combinable in many ways. But high-quality tableware can do so much more. Besides all its functionality it may also look good and be decorative eye-catcher. Choose a chic designer tableware always cutting an excellent figure in your kitchen and which makes you look forward to the next meal with the whole family.

Design Tableware in the Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages in the Overview

Modern Tableware for your Household

If the dishes from the times of your grandparents pile up in the kitchen and living room, a new purchase would be the right thing to do. Finally you would like to enjoy a dinnerware set in your daily life that is modern and meets the highest demands on the functionality as well as the look. Perhaps you store the parents’ and grandparents’ valuable heirlooms in a safe place and preferably use your new design tableware, which will certainly delight you again and again. In our online shop, you find a wide selection of fine dishes in all sorts of colours and styles. Manufacturers such as Kahla and Iittala are specialized to develop beautiful tableware for special demands. Feel free to take a look in our shop and see how easy the purchase of new dishes works today. For those who would like to buy tableware online, simply need to choose the desired model in our store and order it. Highest quality is guaranteed, because every design tableware originates from experienced manufacturers that enchant their clients with a unique style.

Every Designer with his own Style

Already the first look at a fruit bowl, mug, plate and co. from the big designers like Alessi shows that each producer pursues his own style. Whether you opt for the classic simple designed tableware by Iittala or prefer a different manufacturer, is up to your personal taste. By the way: the Kahla tableware is particularly attractive for beginners. Held in gentle bright colours, it adapts itself perfectly to every table and every furnishing style. It complements a classic, elegant style and is the simple basis for an effective break in style with colourful table accessories. Individual items may be added at any time, if desired.

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