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Design Lamps - Give your Room some Atmosphere

Arranging you new flat? What's the first you are thinking of? A beautiful couch, a dining table with chairs, a wardrobe... Lighting often doesn't come first in row. But it's actually really important: the right lighting gives the room its soul. Light and shadows give depths, make it act vivid or calming. Just like you need it. Therefore: Watch out for the right lighting!

Lamps in the Interior Design Shop – an Overview of your Advantages:

Initially it is important to think about the room you wish to buy a lamp for: Should it illuminate the complete living room, or be a spotlight for the desk in the office or do you prefer indirect, diffuse light for the bedroom? Are there already lamps in the room and do you only want to add some light accents or is it about basic light?

Whether you wish spotlights, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps or outdoor lamps – you will find the right product here. Connox offers information about characteristics of lamps and basic data, such as wattage, light colour, temperature and intensity as well as further criteria.

The decision for design lamps: Big selection

Only when the decision about the light you wish has come, you may start to think about the real lamp. Whether with classic functional designs, such as the link}Wagenfeld Lamp WG24 or maybe modern and futuristic as the Absolut Lighting Floor and Reading Lamp? Some designer lamps like the AJ Lamp by Louis Poulsen also connect both things: tradition and modernity.

There are also different options regarding material: Lamps out of metal, lamps out of plastic, lamps out of wood and even out of feathers or wool are available – there are also different variants, as floor, pendant, wall, table and ceiling lamps for indoor and outdoor use. Classic designer‘s lamps with LED technology and lamps in modern designs with classic bulbs are also possible. The limits are determined by your own fantasy.

The suitable bulb lets your lamp shine bright

The light bulb should also be considered. If you don’t wish to use different lights, this factor should be deciding for the lamps equipment of a room: Which illuminant is possible? LEDs, halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes or the “good old” light bulb? The decision should be taken riskless and the lamp should be exchangeable if necessary.

But even if the illuminant is fixed there are some possibilities: Many LED lamps have fixed light bulbs. LEDs are durable as well as the rest of the lamp. It is also often possible to dim LEDs, so that you will be able to create different light moods with one only source.

That’s why the right accessories are also important. Many lamps can change and adapt to the environment.

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