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Carpyen Totora Ground Light Carpyen Totora Ground Light from €555.00 *Anta - Cut Floor Lamp Anta - Cut Floor Lamp from €399.00 *Next Home - FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp Next Home - FlapFlap°10 Floor Lamp €198.00 *Oluce - Coupé 3321 Floor Lamp Oluce - Coupé 3321 Floor Lamp from €847.00 *Artemide - Tolomeo Micro Terra Floor Lamp Artemide - Tolomeo Micro Terra Floor Lamp from €155.00 *Foscarini - Colibrì Floor Lamp Foscarini - Colibrì Floor Lamp €538.00 *Foscarini - Twiggy LED Gooseneck Lamp Foscarini - Twiggy LED Gooseneck Lamp from €1,805.00 *Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp Belux - U-Turn Floor and Reading Lamp €1,178.00 *Luceplan - Lady Costanza Floor Lamp Luceplan - Lady Costanza Floor Lamp from €17.90 *Tecnolumen - Ceiling Reflector ES 57 LED Tecnolumen - Ceiling Reflector ES 57 LED from €820.00 *Pulpo - Oda lamp large Pulpo - Oda lamp large from €1,790.00 *FontanaArte - Riluminator LED floor lamp FontanaArte - Riluminator LED floor lamp from €1,023.00 *ClassiCon - Tube Light LED floor lamp ClassiCon - Tube Light LED floor lamp €725.00 *Maigrau - Luca Stand High Floor Lamp Maigrau - Luca Stand High Floor Lamp from €899.00 *Flos - Captain Flint LED Floor Lamp Flos - Captain Flint LED Floor Lamp from €1,250.00 *Kartell - Kabuki LED Standard Lamp Kartell - Kabuki LED Standard Lamp from €824.00 *Le Klint- Carronade Low Floor Lamp Le Klint- Carronade Low Floor Lamp €1,069.00 *Le Klint - Carronade Floor Lamp High Le Klint - Carronade Floor Lamp High €1,295.00 *Lightyears - Caravaggio Floor Lamp Read Lightyears - Caravaggio Floor Lamp Read from €522.00 *Le Klint - Snowdrop Floor Lamp Le Klint - Snowdrop Floor Lamp €527.00 *Louis Poulsen - PH 3½-2½ Floor Lamp Louis Poulsen - PH 3½-2½ Floor Lamp from €1,295.00 *Flos - Superloon Standard Lamp Flos - Superloon Standard Lamp from €3,800.00 *Next - Drop_4 Floor Lamp Next - Drop_4 Floor Lamp from €425.00 *Flos - Toio floor lamp Flos - Toio floor lamp from €895.00 *Flos - Stylos Floor Lamp Flos - Stylos Floor Lamp €690.00 *Moooi - Horse Lamp Moooi - Horse Lamp €4,714.90 *Flos - Glo-Ball floor lamp Flos - Glo-Ball floor lamp €780.00 *Flos - Floor Lamp Romeo Moon Flos - Floor Lamp Romeo Moon €1,290.00 *Flos - Romeo Soft Floor Lamp Flos - Romeo Soft Floor Lamp €1,290.00 *Flos - Spun Light Flos - Spun Light from €1,480.00 *serien.lighting - Club Floor Lamp -24% serien.lighting - Club Floor Lamp from RRP €780.00 €589.90 *Flos - Lounge Gun Flos - Lounge Gun €2,990.00 *Next - Alien Floor Lamp Next - Alien Floor Lamp €885.00 *Kundalini - Shakti 200 Kundalini - Shakti 200 €690.00 *serien.lighting - Jones Master Floor Lamp serien.lighting - Jones Master Floor Lamp €1,380.00 *Vitra - Akari Standard Lamp BB3-33S Vitra - Akari Standard Lamp BB3-33S €2,390.00 *

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Minimalist Caravaggio Floor Lamp Read

Standard lamps are flexible and have character

With few movements they are easily transported and change their light. Standard lamps are the all-rounders among all lamps – find a small overview in the Connox interior design shop. One standard lamp is just as versatile as a table lamp or another floor lamp. Simply connected to electricity and the room will appear in new brightness. This noticeably differentiates standard lamps from ceiling lamps, pendant lamps or wall lamps, which remain installed in one place all the time. According to the place of your home’s electricity plugs, standard lamps will appear decently in the background or catch attention in a more obvious and visible spot of a room.

Many standard lamps carry these skills openly: They are dimmable, have reading light or run with batteries. This means that standard lamps are all-rounders regarding light. And you mustn’t decide between mood light, ambience light or working light anymore.

Real classic standard lamps

Among standard lamps there are also real classic pieces, such as the AJ lamp by the design legend Arne Jacobsen, the Foscarini Twiggy, the Tolomeo by Artemide, the Luceplan Costanza or the Gräshoppa by Gubi. Most of these standard lamps spend direct light – but also diffuse and soft illumination is given by designer lamps: some of them are the arch lamp Carpyen Totara or the SlimSophie by fraumaier bringing freshness into homes and spreading soft light. Others, rotatable lamps like the Floor and Reading Lamp by Absolut Lighting can also serve as reading lamp or as “normal” floor lamp with direct light.

LED Technology in Standard Lamps

Standard lamps are also more and more powered by LED technology. The low energy consuming light diodes don’t only save the purse, but also the environment. LEDs are mostly dimmable and some LED standard lamps, such as the Edison by Fatboy even have a battery, which makes it possible to use the lamp in the garden. No question: a standard lamp is suitable for many purposes.

Find and purchase your standard lamp in the home design shop – be inspired!

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