Black + Blum - Binchotan active charcoal

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Black + Blum - Binchotan active charcoal
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If you are running out of coal…

Especially cut for the size of the eau good drinking bottles by Black + Blum, there are suitable charcoal sticks in here. With it you will always have clean drinking water – everywhere.

The history of the Binchotan-active charcoal?
Its origin isn’t specifically provable, but the presumption says that one form of the Binchotan-active charcoal (sometimes called “white charcoal”) was discovered by a Japanese monk and trained named Kukai 1,200 years ago. During the Japanese Edo-time (17th century), it became known by a man named Binchuya Chozaemon.

How is Binchotan-active charcoal produced?
First of all, sustainably treated cut-wood is lied in a pile and left alone a while at low temperatures; then, at the end of the process, the oven temperature is raised to about 1,000 °C so that the wood becomes glowingly red. Then the charcoal is taken out and covered with a special powder consisting of earth, sand and ashes, so that the surface of the charcoal becomes whiter (therefrom the name “white charcoal”). The fast temperature-elevation, followed by a fast temperature-decrease, burns the bark and leaves a flat, hard surface. If one beats it, a clear metallic sound comes out.

How does the coal work?
The Binchotan-active charcoal has an indescribable porous surface with small pores that are directed to all directions. Only 1 gram has a surface of more than 500 m² (about one-tenth part of a football-court). It is also known as active charcoal since the ions of the pollutants are absorbed by the surface of the carbon. The active charcoal has also the quality of setting free minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium inside of water, this is healthy and keeps water clean.

How long is it durable?
If your Binchotan-active coal is used with our eau good-bottle and filled once a day, it will be durable about three months. Then you can renew it by placing it during 10 minutes in boiling water and drying it in the sun afterwards. A renewing should remain usable for about another three months.

What other usages has the Binchotan-active charcoal?
If your Binchotan-active charcoal has completely been used as water-filter, there are many other possibilities of using it afterwards. If you crumble it and put it in your flower-pots, you will add useful minerals to your plants. Because of their porous surface, it can also be used as deodorant, absorbing unpleasant scents in cat litter, laundry-baskets, diapers’ container or shoes. Binchotan is also a useful humidity-absorber in wardrobes.

Binchotan also has healthy qualities: it does not only protect from “dangerous” electro-magnetic waves of computer-screens, but also creates negative-ions. This means that it reduces air-humidity into fine particles that change to negative ions in a natural way by the continuous sending of infrared-beams by the charcoal.

Use and care
Only use tap water combined with Binchotan-active charcoal.

Your Binchotan-active charcoal is already cleaned and ready to be used. Do not wash it with solvents or soap. Please don’t wash it with aromatic tonics or juices. Please take the charcoal out of the bottle it is in before cleaning it. The impurities absorbed by the Binchotan-active charcoal are removed by rinsing it with boiling water. Please do not drink water which has been in contact with the Binchotan-active charcoal during more than 48 hours.
Sometimes you might find small particles / fragments of the active charcoal in the water, but that isn’t a reason to worry; to swallow then isn’t dangerous (active charcoal tablets are medicines that are used for treatments of diarrhoea, digestive disturbs or winds).



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Details 6 months of usage
Material Charcoal
Colour Black
Dimensions Height: 11.6 cm, Diameter: 2.5 cm
Weight 30 g (without packaging)
Item no. 118837
EAN 5060089721246
Applicable for Black + Blum - Box Appetit Eau Good
Category Accessories and Spare parts

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