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Soundcast - iCast transmitter ICT-121a

Smartphone Accessories: Reasonable Extensions for Phones

Today, only few people leave their home without a smartphone. After all, a big part of life is managed on the small devices. With the integrated calendar you can organize appointments and dates, the timer sends regular reminders and music is right at your fingertips. A smartphone makes life easier. Combined with the right accessories you’ll design the use even more need-oriented. Be inspired by our selection!

Smartphone Accessories in the Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

Which Smartphone Accessory Do You Need?

Whether classic extensions like a silicone case and a screen protector or extravagant gimmicks such as Bluetooth speakers or solar charging stations, the selection of accessories and gadgets for the smartphone is big. So, in order for you not to have to look for the famous needle in the haystack, we will tell you which accessories are best for you and which one fits your needs.

Smartphone Accessories for Organized People

The biggest peeve for tidy people related to the everyday smartphone use is e.g. messy charging cables. They disturb the atmosphere and with multiple devices get caught up in an unsightly cable clutter. Charging slots and boxes solve this in the long term. They gather all technical devices with battery in one place and hide unsightly cables inside. Thick knots of headphone cables in your bag can be avoided with the special cable organisation, such as the one from Quirky. They are compact and fit comfortably in every bag.

Smartphone Accessories for Green People

Smartphones and MP3 player accessories can also meet environmentally friendly criteria. That’s why the trend is increasing regarding solar charging stations. It has zero emissions and it can be used anywhere - as long the sun is shining. With the help of USB ports and cables, the phone loads comfortably at the charging station. The Solar Suntree charger by XD design is at the same time a real eye-catcher on the desk.

Smartphone Accessories for Music Lovers

Music always and everywhere - that’s possible with a smartphone and a bluetooth speaker. And the selection is big: additional functions like a speakerphone for the car, a waterproof processing, stereo sound or a 24-hour battery life are no longer a rarity.
No bluetooth or power is however needed for the Urania Mobile audio amplifier from the manufacturer Holmegaard. The unique shape of the low-tech audio amplifier made of blown glass reinforces the sound of the smartphone as soon as it is inserted into the hole.

No matter whether for Apple products, Windows phone or Android devices - for each device there are appropriate solutions.
Would you like to buy your smartphone accessories online? Let us send you your favourite one to your home, comfortably within a few working days!