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Cazador del sol

Cazador del Sol has the aim of inserting the sun in everyday life. The products of the German manufacturer spread good mood, even if the sky is covered by clouds.

Sun Catcher for your Garden

Designer René Hildebrand has chosen a positive attitude towards life – since 2001, its sun catchers have decorated numerous installations.

"Food for your soul" Warm light, bright shine, gently cradling in the wind. With the Cazador del sol Sun Catcher, you bring harmony and sunshine into your life – no matter whether it is shining or not. Even on cloudy days, the sun catcher transforms invisible light into visible light. This way, every glance into your garden or onto your balcony will bring a smile to your face.

Because light is food for the soul.

"Gifting sunshine" The fluorescent Cazador del sol converts the light energy and shines brightly. Entirely environmentally friendly and energy saving, without electricity or other tools. An effect that is amplified in the rain or dusk.

Just when we most miss sunshine, the Cazador del sol shines the brightest. Fixed on a bendable swinging tube, the sun catcher is sensitive to the softest breeze. The interplay of warm light and soft movement allows the Cazador del sol to create a feeling of interior quietness and harmony.

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