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Company History

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Connox GmbH can look back over more than ten, somewhat turbulent years. From development during the “hype time” of the internet, through the economic crisis, to the consolidation of an established and dynamically growing company. For those who’d like to discover more, you will find potential treasures and more background information on our infographic.

An Overview of the Development of Connox GmbH


  • Launch of the French shop connox.fr
  • Launch of the Luxembourg shops connox.lu und fr.connox.lu
  • Launch of the Swiss shop connox.ch
  • Launch of the British shop connox.co.uk
  • Moved the office to Aegidientorplatz 2a, Hanover and the warehouse to Münchner Straße 40, Langenhagen


  • 10th anniversary of the shop
  • Development of the price monitor
  • End of the shops zecken-und-dornen.de and chalkr.de
  • Launch of the Austrian shop connox.at
  • Launch of the ConnoxApp for iOS and Android


  • Spin-off of the IT-department: Foundation of Quillo GmbH
  • Finalisation of the handover of the Cangorino online shop focused on children’s shoes


  • Relaunch of the Connox Interior Design Shop and adaptation of the layout for mobile devices

-Start of the online shop Cangorino (German page) focusing on children’s shoes

  • Start of the online shop Chalkr (German page) focusing on climbing equipment
    -Start of the online shop Zecken und Dornen focusing on geocaching/outdoor activities


  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 2.8-2.23
  • Move to Eckenerstraße and expansion of stock-area to more than 2400 sqm
  • Nominated online shop of the year 2011


  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 2.0-2.7
  • Expansion of stock-area to more than 800 sqm. and move to a new office wing
  • Commission to revise jawoll.de (German page)
  • Development of our international business with Connox.com


  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 1.8-1.9.1
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.geschmackscompagnie.de
  • End of cooperation with the brand “RoyalVKB”
  • Purchase of the internet domain “Connox.com”


  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 1.7
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.allesbiokaese.de
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.mhlabs.de


  • Acquisition of distribution for the brand “RoyalVKB”
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.royalvkb.de
  • Move to Wohlenbergstraße 6, Hanover Brink
  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 1.5-1.6.9


  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 1.1-1.4
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.jawoll.de
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.richtig-schoen-kochen.de
  • Consultation in the areas DWH and SCM


  • Establishment and relaunch of www.radius-design.de
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.absolut-lighting.de
  • Establishment and relaunch of www.bobselektro.de
  • Completion of the eCommerce-Suite V 1.0
  • Launch of the “Connox” brand for interior design (online shop)
  • Move into the Bothfelder Str. 38, Hanover List
  • Reorganisation and re-naming to Connox GmbH
  • Programming of an Ebay auction manager for tacticsales, Hamburg


  • Completion of the content management system (construct::cms) and the community software (comm.::unity)
  • Consolidation of the company
  • Customer insolvency and financial collapse of a one-year project


  • Move into the city villa Warmbüchenerstraße 21, Hanover city centre.
  • Programming of a technical database for the administration of tunnel boring for the company Herrenknecht


  • Development of a technical database for Daimler Chrysler, research centre Ulm
  • Move to rooms in Hindenburgstraße 38, Hanover Zoo
  • Development of a data-based publishing solution for Volkswagen communication, Wolfsburg

05th April 2002

  • Foundation of the company as “Haas Media GmbH, Agency for Modern Media”