One Hour Against Hunger

LogoConnox donated 5000€ to the Welthungerhilfe in a Christmas charity campaign in 2010. Because of good experiences and positive cooperation, we want to support the work of the Welthungerhilfe again this year.

The Welthungerhilfe is a project called “One Hour against hunger” which coincides with their 50th anniversary. The idea behind this project is both simple and successful: The work of the Welthungerhilfe can be easily supported by donating your own hourly wage just once. Everyone is asked to do this: whether you are a carpenter or manager, pupil or teacher, artist or mayor. Numerous volunteers support the charity campaign of the Welthungerhilfe in Germany.

We also felt compelled to participate. Every employee was asked to donate his hourly earnings – voluntarily, of course. Many of them responded to our call and also told their friends and relatives about the campaign. This way it was possible for us to support the project financially, and also help to publicise it to our colleagues, friends, families and especially to our customers, hopefully encouraging donations from some of them.

If you also wish to support the “One hour against hunger” campaign, you are welcome to donate as many hours as you wish to, on the homepage of the Welthungerhilfe.

We thank you for your help!

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pictures: Welthungerhilfe