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Every company is responsible for the environment and for fellow-humans. We take this responsibility seriously.
We orient our company philosophy to ecologic sustainability with far-sightedness since a few years already. That’s the reason why we participate at the “CO2-neutral Server” initiative, we ship parcels as climate-friendly as possible with DHL GoGreen, we possess solar panels on top of our office and storage areas and we commit ourselves to professional waste disposal and recycling. We also cooperate with the donations organization elefunds.

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Our company also wants to be effective regarding social engagement and has therefore donated a bigger amount in year 2010. In a Christmas charity we were able to transfer 5,000€ to the German World Hunger Organization in December of 2010 with the help of our clients. Find more information about this charity here.

Connox decided to work on a long-term basis and to help sustainably. Therefore the team accepted 20 godchildren in Mali until July of 2013, all of them girls that suffer from a lack of school education, health facilities access and clean water. Partly without parents, these girls have scarcely any hope for perspectives because of their hard life situation.

To support these girls, every employee has a godchild to voluntary keep personal correspondence with. Connox donates 28€ a month for every child. We offer 20 girls an opportunity for a better future this way.

Sponsorships improve long-term health and school education for children. The help organization “Plan International Deutschland e.V.” supports us with years of experience with godchildren and ensures the application of funds right there where they are needed.

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