Donation 2010: Welthungerhilfe

Connox Thanks Every Customer Who Participated in the Christmas Charity Event!

More than 1700 customers supported the Connox charity campaign for the German organisation Welthungerhilfe. Between 3rd December 2010 and 6th January 2011, our customers had the option of adding a donation of €2.50 to their order with just one click. Connox GmbH paid the total contributions, the customers themselves didn’t pay anything.

The campaign had the aim of showing how much can be achieved with small amounts: if everyone makes a small contribution there can be a large result at the end. As a result, a total amount of €4,320 was collected during our campaign. Connox management decided to round that up to €5,000.

The money went to numerous Welthungerhilfe aid projects around the world. Welthungerhilfe has offered help from quick emergency assistance after a disaster to long-term projects with native partners since 1962.

We are happy to have drawn your attention to Welthungerhilfe and possibly incited you to make your own donation. Thanks a lot!

Where Do Your Donations Go?


Recurring droughts, increasing poverty and high HIV & AIDS rates — the problems of Kenya are manifold and urgent. The UN's development index confirms this view: the east African country ranked 147 out of of 182 countries studied (HDI 2009) and is one of the poorest countries in the world.
Welthungerhilfe provides relief: together with the rural population in the east of the country, it has created the basis for a better water supply, building wells, dams and rain catchers


Haiti is the poorest country in the western Hemisphere. An unstable political situation, a precarious economic situation, advanced environmental destruction and overpopulation have led to the impoverishment of much of the population. Frequent natural disasters like the earthquake in January 2010, droughts and floods have made the situation even worse for the population. According to recent surveys, four out of ten children grow up in absolute poverty. More than 100,000 young children suffer from malnutrition. One-third of all girls and boys do not have access to health care, for example, they are not vaccinated against dangerous childhood diseases. Every fifth child doesn’t have clean drinking water. Agriculture is the main source of income for the rural population, but only provides about half the food needed by Haitians. The goal of Welthungerhilfe is to ensure regular irrigation of agricultural land, to prevent floods and recover the flood land to improve the food supply.


Orissa, a state in eastern India, is a popular tourist destination. However, Orissa is also India's second poorest state. In a wooded area in the north of the state live the Adivasi. 78 percent of families live below the poverty line. In 2007, according to a national health study, 44 percent of children under three years were undernourished and only about half of all children were completely vaccinated. In Orissa, there was also high maternal and infant mortality. Lack of weight, lack of clean drinking water and unhygienic practices are the causes of high mortality rates. Together with its partner organisation, Sambandh, Welthungerhilfe supports about 2,000 people from eight villages in Orissa.

We want to draw your attention to these three examples of the misery of many people on Earth. To do good and to help where it is most needed is a matter close to our heart. Maybe you feel the same way and want to make a donation yourself to Welthungerhilfe.

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