The german manufacturer Conmoto is known for its furniture and fireplaces. The Riva Table and the Riva Bench convince through a modern, exquisite look.


Reduction, purism and clarity are the factors that define the aesthetics of the products in the areas of garden accessories, garden furniture, fireplaces and fireplace accessories of the German company Conmoto.

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Conmoto - Riva Bench Conmoto - Riva Bench, white (176cm wide) €635.00 *Conmoto - Roll Fire Conmoto - Roll Fire Wall Mounting €210.00 *Conmoto - Riva Table Conmoto - Riva Table 180 x 72cm, white €1,120.00 *Conmoto - Flowerbox Conmoto - Flowerbox H 100 x W 122 x D 25cm €1,045.00 *Conmoto - Tension Table Conmoto - Tension table, anthracite / black / teak €1,730.00 *Conmoto - Tension Bench Conmoto - Tension Bench with backrest, anthracite / black / teak €1,510.00 *Conmoto - Tension Side Table & Stool Conmoto - Tension side table & stool, anthracite / black / teak €545.00 *Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench with backrest 220 cm, anthracite €595.00 *Conmoto - Teras P Fire Irons Conmoto - Teras P Fire Irons, 4 pcs., black €310.00 * 5 von 5Conmoto - Roll Fire Conmoto - Roll Fire €2,590.00 *Conmoto - Under The Tree Conmoto - Under The Tree, garden shower €1,575.00 *Conmoto - Riva Side Table Conmoto - Riva Side Table, white €540.00 *Conmoto - Flowerbox Conmoto - Flowerbox H 25 x W 84 x D 25cm €590.00 *Conmoto - Riva Table Conmoto - Riva Rectangular Table 220 x 72cm, white €1,170.00 *Conmoto - Travelmate Conmoto - Travelmate €1,530.00 *Conmoto - Tension Bench Conmoto - Tension Bench, anthracite / black / teak €1,110.00 *Conmoto - Muro Fireplace Conmoto - Fireplace Muro, small €1,040.00 *Conmoto - Muro Fireplace Conmoto - Fireplace Muro, large €1,350.00 *Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench Conmoto - Cushion for Tension Bench, anthracite €310.00 *Conmoto - Bistro Table Conmoto - Bistro Table, white €840.00 *Conmoto - Y-Woman table Conmoto - Y-Woman table, white €3,280.00 *Conmoto - Chairman Conmoto - Chairman Wood, white oiled oak / grey form-fleece €445.00 *Conmoto - Chairman Conmoto - Chairman Metal, white steel tube / grey form-fleece €445.00 *Conmoto - Pad Table Conmoto - Pad Table, without compartment and tray €2,670.00 *Conmoto - Pad Box Conmoto - Pad Box, steel tube €590.00 *Conmoto - Pad Panel Conmoto - Pad Panel €410.00 *Conmoto - Riva Stool / Side Table Conmoto - Riva Stool / Side Table, white €395.00 *Conmoto - Riva Kids Conmoto - Riva Kids Table & Benches, white €1,550.00 *

“Simple is not always beautiful. But beautiful is alway simple.” (Heinrich Tessenow)

A simple sentence? Yes, you could think. But if you make the effort of thinking it through in depth, a whole new life philosophy will open up. Conmoto has internalised this approach and passionately made it the foundation of its work.

Conmoto’s creative spirits, designers and draughtsmen continuously travel the world’s biggest cities in order to be inspired, to discover, research but also to meet international customers and to find out about the developments in local markets. This way, they encounter entirely different aesthetics. The most succinct trend is currently the need for reduction, purism and clarity. “Less is more” as the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe put it – and Heinrich Tessenow would agree.

Conmoto has embraced this statement and, since 1997, has developed products exclusively in this aesthetics. The goal is to offer customers the best and leading products in all segments – from garden accessories, to garden furniture, fireplaces and fireplace accessories. With class, innovation, design, quality and service.

Particularly in times of different restrictions to the outside, the need to feel comfortable inside the home is ever growing. Particularly in times where short-lived products quickly lose value, it is important to demonstrate good taste, to differentiate long-lived design from mass production and to invest hard-earned money in a sustainable way.

Every year, Conmoto develops numerous new products that have been frequently awarded with prizes honoring their design and quality:
IF Design Award 1998, Form 99, Good Design Award 1999, Design Plus ISH 2000, Form 2000, Design Plus ISH 2001, Form 2001, reddot 2005, Good Design Award 2005 and nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2006

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