ZeitMagazin Nr. 43 date: 21.10.2010

Dear customer,

In the ZeitMagazin Nr.

43 from the 21st of October 2010, there was a pictures range (pages 16-28) of diverse design products about which we were sent some request.

Unfortunately, some of the displayed products are only prototypes that aren’t in production yet, or so to say, the images are industrial designer’s ideas whose realization isn’t sure.

Wärmflasche Pill We received a considerable amount of requests about the hot water bottle “Pill” by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub (Page 20). However, a conversation with the design studio proved that there is no producer for the hot water bottle yet.

Although manufacturers that could produce it and that saw the prototypes were named, there isn’t a definitive production.

Energiesparlampen We also received some requests about the energy saving lamps by the designer Piero Lissoni. These also seem to be waiting for a producer.

We haven’t been told something definitive by Studio Lissoni, but also haven’t seen a manufacturer and producer of the energy saving bulb. If you have further questions about the products of the ZeitMagazin, or if you have information about the single products and manufacturers, we would be glad about an E-Mail (to info@connox.de).