Dark is a Belgian lamp manufacturer. The No Fruit pendant light attracts the attention of the entire room and provides warm light. Available here in the design shop.
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Dark was founded in Belgium in the year 2000 and has quickly established itself as one of the international trendsetters in the field of lighting technology. In 2009, the company triumphed six times at the coveted Red Dot Design Awards.

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Dark was founded in Belgium by Marnick Smessaert in the year 2000. The lighting manufacturer isn’t a typical company, and Smessaert isn’t a typical manager. Dark is more a project, moved by passion: passion for good design, innovation and illumination.

The creative centre, the offices and the production are located in Belgium. Dark stands for unique lighting fixtures, lamps, lights, sculptures and lighting concepts that are able to create a wide range of moods. The results are numerous design awards:

The company was able to collect 39 prizes until 2009, among them six of the coveted Red Dot design awards. Consequently, Dark is known as one of the international trendsetters in the field of lighting technology. The company has 16 employees and regularly collaborates with external designers, which always presents new challenges. They are not always the big names of the scene, but creative minds who deliberately leave the beaten path. In such cases, Marnick Smessaert, founder and soul of Dark is required: he tries to understand if something works or not and almost completely follows his intuition.

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