Design Plus 2014

The Design Plus Award is an instance in the world of design since 30 years. Products are honoured that have surprising value and that improve their common function. Design, sustainability, functionality and innovation are the criteria that shall be considered by the jury of 8 experts.

The Design Plus is organised by the “Initiative Form und Leben” (Germ. Initiative form and living) and the supporters are the Frankfurt Exhibition GMBH, the Design Council (Frankfurt) and the German industry and trade chamber (Berlin). As usual there are representatives of different areas in the jury: The designers are represented by Mark Braun, the design education by Hubert Kittel from Halle and the producers are represented by Philipp Mainzer from E15 from Frankfurt. Representatives from trade, the experts press, the management and the sponsors are also in the jury. This makes the Design Plus Award all-including and completed.

The winners and the exposition

Design Plus 2014 Ausstellung
Products by manufacturers of eleven countries were honoured this year, among them are reisenthel, Pension für Produkte, Whitbread Wilkinson, Normann Copenhagen, Alessi, Skagerak, Stelton and Konstantin Slawinski.

A special show in the Galleria 1 on the Ambiente in Frankfurt exposes all the winner products. The fair goes from the 07th to the 11th of February 2014. By the way: Even the exhibition of the Design Plus Award 2014 is sustainable, the Frankfurt design office Leise made the exposition mostly out of paper and cardboard.


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