Focus Green

The Design Center Stuttgart presented the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg with the theme-focus “Green” in the year 2008. The unique profile of the competition means a special challenge for designers and businessmen. The presented products have to fulfill the highest quality demands as well as exceptional environment-friendly criteria. With Focus Green, the Design Center Stuttgart embraced the trend of growing market-demands of sustainable and environment-oriented products.

Entrepreneurs and designers, national and from abroad, attend the Focus Green awarding, facing the critical jury in twelve different categories. The jury then choses the winners and gives the “Focus in Silver” for exceptional design work or the premium awarding “Focus in Gold”.

All awarded are presented to the public in an exposition in the Ludwigsburg work-center during several weeks.


Objectivity and seriousness highly characterize the Focus competitions year after year. This is how the selection of the winning products of the Focus Green mainly occurs by the original product. Only especially bulky products and investment goods are presented by a photographic display. The products of the jurors are basically excluded from the competition.

Categories and criteria

The evaluation of the products takes place in twelve catagories, in which maximal one “Focus in Gold” is given:

• Industry and commercial
• Architecture and public areas
• Energy and construction technology
• Illumination
• Medicine and rehabilitation
• House devices
• Kitchen
• Interior
• Object furnishing
• Communication
• Leisure time
• Outdoor

Besides the classic design criteria such as shaping quality, innovation, ergonomics, functionality as well as emotionality are ecologically important. Material and energy efficiency, reparation concepts, demounting and recycling concepts count to that – also formal longevity is an important quality, so as to enlarge the utility duration.

Awarded Products

The non-commercial competition and the low participation fees also allow smaller and younger companies to participate with their products on an international level. The profit for the awarded is especially remarkable at market communication: The labels “Focus in Gold” and “Focus in Silver” are quality seals and desired product awards. Furthermore the awarding helps with the exposition in attractive rooms during several weeks in the Ludwigsburg workshop, with internet presentations as well as the publication in the worldwide spread yearbook for official presence and perception.

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