German Design Award

The Award that encourages reputation
This award is worth to be won by the best ones. An international premium award that reinforces successfully the reputation of designers and companies. High class products and projects out of product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers are awarded – all of them trendsetting in German and international design landscapes. Thereby not only a specialized jury decides who’s best. With the new public prize also public interests are kept in mind. The aim of the German Design Award is to discover, present and honor unique shaping trends. A competition that encourages the design scene. Especially the winners.

The patron makes the difference
Years of experience, know-how and the service motivation lead the reputation of the Design Council – and also honor it as initiator of the German Design Award. A duty of highest instance: to represent German design approaches. Founded in 1953 as initiative of the German Bundestag as foundation, it supports economy in all possible service questions and it is one of the world wide leading competence centers for communication in design businesses. With expositions, conferences, competitions and publications the Design Council always names design. Designers, companies, associations and institutions are foundation members – all of them that consider design as something more than a pretty appearance, but as distinctive and remarkable economy and culture factor, as well as an unmistakable branding for its own.

The honor of the nomination
Those that are nominated for the German Design Award, reached what they searched for, to be different than the mass. Only a nomination opens the possibility of challenging the best ones in the competition. Therefore this is already an awarding for companies and designers, to participate at the German Design Award. A good event to achieve medial attraction. Already in the nomination there are selected design-experts working. And they have the seventh sense for great potential. Now it is only up to accept the challenge and to show that the own design can also convince the jury and achieve even the winning golden award.

Tailored changes
To make good things even better: This devise is also kept in mind by the German Design Award 2012. In the second round there are still conception changes that should respect individual demands of a market target even more. Since all nominated should profit from their participation as much as possible. Therefore the competition is yet divided in ten different categories that all cover different daily life branches. This doesn’t only enable a targeted directing of potential participants and a specific medial work, but also ensures variety of nominations out of the whole design spectrum. All for awards that suits as if tailor-made.


The classification of the nominated in ten categories enables a time-exact consultation of potential participants, a structural enlargement of the competition and a specific media work for the participants.

• Home Interior: living, kitchen, household, bathroom
• Lifestyle: leisure, Outdoor, (luxury-) accessories, entertainment- and communication electronic
• Working Spaces: office equipment, computer, professional kitchens, tools, medicine devices and -technique
• Industrial Goods and Materials: industry, handicraft, building equipment, energy technique, goods presentation, materials
• Transportation and Public Space: vehicles of all kinds, city- and street furniture, navigation
• Architecture and Interior Design: expositions, fair stands, shops, gastronomy, leading systems, installations
• Audiovisual and Digital Media: publicity films, digital publicity media, web pages, applications, e-books, sound design
• Print Media: books, business areas, posters, typography, print publicity, CD-Cover, illustrations
• Communication Tools: Corporate Design, campaigns, events, give-yways, packaging, concept products
• Interactive User Experience: interactive media, interfaces, computer games, connectivity, social media, online shops

The GERMAN DESIGN AWARD is given by the Design Council (Germ. Rat für Formgebung) and is not the same as the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, given by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology.

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