iF product design award 2015

The iF Design Award is the most desired and renowned design award. Seven disciplines are honoured by this award if they are impressing and innovative.

A total of 4783 presentations of 2102 participants of 53 countries were tested this time. The international jury of 53 experts came together between the 20th and the 22nd of January, in order to honour the best products. The if gold award for exceptional quality was given 75 times.

The jury must be very international today in order to do justice to the versatile international parameters of the presented products”, explained the jury chairman Fritz Frenkler.

Designs of the disciplines product, communication in print and web, packaging, rooms and buildings, concepts and service design are praised in the event of the iF Award. Thereby their high quality and their understandable designs for the user are focussed,

”We are generally eager to ‘decelerate’ the developments. This is how we are able to concentrate on the essence of design again – for example creating understandable and intuitively controllable products and interfaces (…). But it isn’t about striving versatility at all costs – good, understandable design in product and communication design is the best thing that can happen to the ‘user’, and not adding more and more functions to something that is already good.” Frenkler.

Among this year’s winners there were renowned manufacturers like Stelton or iIttala as well as young designs from Denmark by Normann Copenhagen.

All the awarded of the iF Design Award are also listed on the iF online exhibition, as well as selected products in the Connox Shop gallery.

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