5.5 Designers

5.5 Designers

5.5 Designers is a research-oriented design studio which has been founded by Vincent Baranger, Jean- Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé, and Claire Renard in August of 2003.

The four designers became successful with their project “Réanim” in the world of design. They called it “medicine for discarded objects” and instead of concentrating on formalities, they always focused on conceptual discipline. They dispute their designers’ role in each project, trying to provide honest and affordable alternatives to consumerism and ordinary objects. Through this approach, somewhat imbued with irony and playful simplicity, they co-operate with a number of companies, both in the luxury and in the mass-products sector.

For their responsible and optimistic design and for the whole body of their work, they received the Grand Prize for Creation from the City of Paris in 2006.

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